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December 21 2020 Saturn Jupiter Conjunction

It's coming. How can you make the most of it?

By Jenna in the StarsPublished 2 years ago 11 min read
Read on to find out!

With this historic grand conjunction taking place at 0 degrees Aquarius, this incoming energy will impact our entire planet in ways that we can not yet predict, understand, or maybe even imagine. Aquarian energy is completely new, different, and unexpected. Humanitarian, quirky, progressive, future-oriented, of-the-people, and unique.

The conjunction occurs between Saturn, planet of structure, limits, pressure, constriction, laws of nature, maturity, organization, and responsibility and Jupiter, planet of expansion, abundance, optimism, hope, magnetism, growth, and good fortune. They will meet at 0 degrees Aquarius on December 21 20202 to set the tone for their next 20 year cycle. Where will you be by then?

Whether you want to consciously take advantage of this day or not, changes are happening behind the scenes. If you're curious about this pivotal energy, here are some things to look out for.

This conjunction represents a gateway to a new era, a makeover, system change, and an opportunity to reset in whatever area of life Jupiter and Saturn meet up in your chart, indicated by the house, the ruling constellation, and any planets present.

Jupiter represents expansion, optimism, abundance, attraction, and hope. Saturn represents responsibility, discipline, maturity, work, karma, management, and limitations. Saturn is also connected to the laws of reality, (time, space, energy, all that) and the "realistic limits" of our reserves. This conjunction in Aquarius suggests that Saturn will be encouraging us to build structures that will be sustainable over the next 20 years (and beyond), supporting the newness being ushered into our lives. Jupiter brings new opportunities, good fortune, and support, attracting situations and people that are aligned with your highest good, especially in the context of where it falls in the natal chart.

The meeting of these two collective giants initiates the union of responsibility, planning, and disciplined work with hope, opportunity, abundance, and life changing growth/expansion. With these planetary energies uniting exactly at 0 degrees Aquarius for the first time in 20 years, it ushers in these new opportunities for our greatest work on both personal and global scales, infused with aquarian ideals: humanitarianism, equality, acceptance, futurism, globalism, environmentalism, big-picture perspectives, scientific breakthroughs, technological advances, radical shifts, and possibly even galactic or cosmic connection. 🚀 👽 The next 20 years will bring more rapid growth than humanity has ever experienced before on planet Earth. Will our brains be able to keep up? I sure hope so. But on the personal level, we can examine where these energies are opening an opportunity for us to reset or level up on our unique individual paths

Pull up your chart and find 0 degrees Aquarius. What house is it? Are there any planets within 5 degrees? Here are some key themes to consider depending on which house the conjunction falls in for you.

First House - redefinition of self. The self will potentially undergo radical changes in the next 2 years. Aquarian energy already rules your sense of self, so now might be the time to lean into it if you haven't already. New clothes, a new look, new routines, a new lifestyle, or just a new lease on life, a new perspective on yourself. This could also look like getting real about who you are and what talents you to have create a life that is built foundationally upon your uniqueness. Buckle your seat belt and get ready to evolve. Be true to yourself and honor your callings, gifts, and skills!

Second House - money up $$$ Your financial situation, be it a mindset, your actual practices, or your method of generating income, is influenced by Aquarius already, so think eCommerce, digital currencies, and technology just playing a whole lot of a bigger role in your finances. Consider investing in green energy stocks, technology stocks, or getting more involved with your local or global community to generate income. Rig your innovative instincts to build your wealth. Aquarius is the sign of the people so you may have a strong tie between personal finances and the global economy.

Third House - think differently. If the great conjunction is taking place in your third house, think about your communication style, how you think, the ways you express your mind, and your local communities and environments. The technology you use on the day to day basis may evolve rapidly. Your neighborhood or community may be undergoing radical shifts especially in the next 2 years. There could be new opportunities for you involving your neighborhood or using your communication skills, think writing, reporting, podcasting, YouTubing, or keeping your community connected and update. Don't be afraid to speak up, write, or share your genius ideas. With jupiter and saturn in the third house, they bless local education, research projects, being a student, writing, editing, and learning new things of all kinds.

Fourth House - a new definition of home. If this transit takes place in your 4th house of home, early life experiences, ancestry, and family, there could be significant developments in your home life over the course of this transit and cycle. Be open to moving new places, embarking on your first adventure making a home of your own, starting your own family, or making aquarian, future- inspired changes in your home – such as switching to green energy or using eco-friendly products. Jupiter attracts experiences to the 4th house, while Saturn also reminds you of your limits and responsibilities, to family & your home or otherwise. Mothers, maternity, and the maternal line may all be of significance.

Fifth House - get ready for personal growth. With this transit in the house of creativity, self-expression, enjoyment, and children, likely the next 20 years will hold lots of new developments in this area of your life! Similar to the 4th house, in the 5th house, it suggests lots of new opportunities for growth and work relating to matters like starting a family, starting your own business, and all kinds of creative endeavors. Lots of development in personal areas of life. You may attract opportunities to start a family or undertake creative projects that inspire you but will also require work and discipline. If you are an artist, a creative, or someone with some big ideas that haven't come to life yet, this transit empowers you to get to work and start creating!

Sixth House - energize your daily life. This conjunction will mark a turning point in your day to day routines. You may be offered a new job, get into a new relationship, or get more serious about your health and fitness from this point on. Sudden developments could occur to bring these changes about. A renewal of discipline and optimism surrounding your daily existence. Jupiter attracts experiences possibly relating to health or new jobs, while Saturn dictates that discipline is necessary to maintain health, or job status. Could look like a life-changing promotion with a lot more work to be responsible for or health realizations or information that motivate you to live in a better way. Take care of yourself and hold yourself accountable! In Aquarius, this could also imply that your daily life will change relative to societal or government changes. New technologies, environmental events or policies, or healthcare advancements may take greater significance in your life.

Seventh House - get committed to your radical authenticity. Jupiter loves freedom, but Saturn in the seventh house is all about maturity, commitment, and devotion. In Aquarius, these energies are infused with the energy of doing things your own way and finding relationships that fit your unique needs. Jupiter blesses and brings opportunities wherever it flies, but Saturn says that at this time, these opportunities will come with a bond -- whether that looks like marriage or perhaps sacrificing some of your freedoms or values for stability. Relationships entered around this time will likely be for the long haul, so choose wisely. Overall Jupiter and Saturn combining brings optimism, hope, alignment, and the diligence/commitment/structures to support healthy relationships or vis versa with a solid structure allowing a healthy relationship to enter. Another element of the Aquarian 7th house speaks to love of freedom, love of the individual, and love of the unconventional, in relationships, in personality, and in life. This could look like break ups or major get-togethers of powerful high-energy relationships.

Eighth House - do the thing that scares you. Whether it's diving deep into spiritual practice, starting therapy, or embarking on a new financial venture with a partner, an investor, the stock market, or a loan, there is rich opportunity here to explore. Don't be afraid of the shadows, facing them and mastering them so you can actually BENEFIT from them is your invitation at this time. You may be attracting Scorpionic experiences -- sex, intimacy, deep psychology, shadow work, etc. Don't forget about the light. Always find that silver lining. It's all about the process. Steeped in Aquarian energy, you may find yourself drawn to energy healing, metaphysical study, sacred geometry, tantra, or pondering the possibilities of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Ninth House - open your mind to adventure. New opportunities await you in the realms of travel, exploration, higher learning, study, publishing, and law. If you have a desire to use your higher mind to change laws or share groundbreaking information, this is your sign from the universe to do it!! Write that book! Go to school for that specialization! Run for that government position! Change that policy! Travel to those countries you've always wanted to visit. Soak up the culture. Learn what you can so you can share about it. The next years will be highly experiential and full of learning moments that may be packaged in educational, travel, and religious opportunities. Be prepared to commit to the work and the process. Great intellectual rewards await you.

Tenth House - face the audience. Whether you like it or not, you'll be in the spotlight these days or in the years to come. Something you do or say, or just the way you are, your reputation will supersede you at this time and others will know you for your outlandish, authentic, or unique Aquarian ways. With Aquarius in the 10th house, you may be working in systems like the military, government, hospitals, data collection, or technology. Aquarius is the genius spiritual scientist of the zodiac with a knack for analysis, rational thinking, and improvements that benefit all mankind. Futuristic or humanitarian opportunities will enhance your career or your reputation, and these opportunities will come with great responsibility and committment. Do the right thing. We need good leaders. An Aquarian leader might use the Jupiterian optimism, hope, and charisma to guide the building of Saturnian structures that will support and facilitate the desired outcome. Use Saturn's planning and structural energy to build the career, the institution, or the organization you think the world deserves.

Eleventh House - high vibe tribe. Aquarius in the 11th house is at home in the crowd, a lover of community and being part of the group, a hard worker, a team player, and at times an aloof outsider, a true oddball, unique and appreciated for who they are or how they do what they do. Opportunities to connect with the hive mind or link up with groups abound -- internet communities, future-oriented thinkers, the virtual world, data trends, abstract objective viewing, and remote viewing all come to mind here. This could also look like participating in or helming an alternative living community, new technologies or applications of technology, and eco-friendly global endeavors to improve the world. Ask yourself, what part can you play? How do your actions impact the group? And how do the actions of the group impact you? Recognize the interconnectivity at this time.

Twelfth House- guided by an invisible hand. The twelfth house speaks to the full integration of all the preceding houses of the chart. It is a deeply spiritually connected, karmic, and fated house. The conjunction here signifies total integration of life experiences, and the ability to view your life and all of existence with the Godmind of faith, trust, and allowing. Be open to being moved by your intuition or by circumstances that are out of your control -- they will likely combine to bring both structure and great expansion in your mental, emotional, and physical worlds. Spirituality or deep psychology will be key over the next years. Expect spiritual journeying and deep realizations of why you are the way you are. With this conjunction taking place in the twelfth house of privacy, secrets, behind the scenes, karma, the subconscious, and past lives, big picture cleansing and rewiring is taking place. This is a great period to initiate energy healing, deep therapy work, or neurolinguistic programming to truly rewire yourself from the inside out to match the person you'd like to be and are being GUIDED TO BE in this life. Take full responsibility for the past and for who you have been, and decide if that's who you want to continue to be. With Aquarius in this house, there is likely a yearning desire for change. Prepare for a timeline shift and get ready to co-create your reality down to the most minute details for the grandest energy shifts.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my Instagram @ascensionastrology for the latest updates on the current energies, offerings, giveaways, and more!




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