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Crystals: What You Don't Know

by Velvet Aura 2 years ago in spirituality
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The 101 on crystals

oh yeah

Right, grab your notebook and pen because we're about to take you back to the classroom. Well... not really (because quarantine) BUT we are going to teach you a lesson about crystals. These bad boys are EVERYWHERE, and you might already own some, either for the aesthetic or because of their power. Either way, we're going to teach you some facts that you may not know, as well as remind you of the qualities of crystals that you probably already do know (like a revision lesson! see, school can be fun).

Double check with yourself, 'cause you may already own crystals that you didn't realise. Yep! Some of us may be lucky enough to own jewellery that have diamonds, sapphires or emeralds in them- and these are all crystals that have their own powers! So keep a look-out. Now let's get to it.

If you know anything about crystals, you probably know that...

- It's essential to choose the right crystal, but they also choose you (see also Harry Potter). This may seem pretty daunting at first but choosing the right crystal can be as easy as holding a bunch in your hand or running your hand over them and seeing if there is a specific one that you're drawn to.


- They absorb the energy around you which is why they're so cleansing, but it also means they NEED cleansing. This is because they can pick up the energy from everywhere, like the shop they were just in, or even energy from the past that you may not associate yourself with anymore after a big change. Moonlight, water, and even other crystals can aid in cleansing them but, DISCLAIMER some crystals CANNOT be cleansed in water as this can dissolve them.

-Different crystals are used for different things. This is probably something that you already know, but it's good to remember, because you don't want to carry around a crystal whose energy is actually counterproductive for what you're going through (rose quartz, i'm looking at you, stop sending me the d).

What you definitely didn't know... and if you did know, don't ruin it for the rest of us...

- Before you work with a crystal you have to tell it wassup. That's right. You gotta mention its purpose and why you need it in your life, such as challenging events you're going through that you need some crystal aid for. Just rememebr to give it the low-down on your current situation.

crystal, here's the sitch

- Crystals hold the memory of the tremendous geophysical forces that were involved in their creation. That's why they're so powerful, people! They go through so many changes in their formation which result in their aesthetic and size. Holding this much memory gives crystals the energy and subsequent power that it is used in their healing. So when people are like 'they're just rocks' we're like 'yeah that's like the whole frickin point!'

- The size of the crystal doesn't affect how effective it is. That's right. You may see people travelling far and wide to crystal shops, spending the big bucks to get the biggest hunk of rock you've ever seen... well I hate to burst your bubble but, more often than not, the size and shape of your crystal doesn't affect its abilities. That's not to say we're not all about having a huuuge amethyst in our front room, because aesthetic is important, right? But don't get yourself down if your crystals aren't as big as the guy next door (or is that a different euphemism?).

So... guys and gals and nonbinary folks, keep a hold of this information when you're next scrolling on amazon, shopping in your local crystal shop (whenever that will be), or tryna get a brand deal with your favorite Instagram accounts (however you want to get your fix I guess). We hope this was helpful and that you're closer to being a crystal queen...or king... or whatever.

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