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"Chestnut" can not just eat?

Are chestnuts a fruit?

By CustoPublished 8 months ago 7 min read

"Chestnut fragrance and know the world's autumn".

Every autumn, it is the time of chestnut harvest, most people only know that chestnut is very delicious, but the nutritional value of chestnut is not particularly understood, let alone the benefits of chestnut.

Although many people like to eat it, not everyone can eat chestnuts, that there people who can not eat chestnuts in life? What are the effects of eating chestnuts? The following may wish to learn more.


About chestnuts

The actual chestnut is a hairy thing?

The nutritional value of chestnut is relatively high. Chestnut is rich in a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, which can supplement the nutrients required by the body.

If the patient's body immunity is low, you can properly eat some chestnuts, which can improve the patient's immunity and can replenish the nutrients required by the body.

The usual diet is to eat more lean meat, milk, eggs and soy products, and other foods to supplement nutrition. The fact is that you will be able to get a lot more out of the house and get more sunlight to promote the absorption of calcium.

Is chestnut a fruit?

Chestnut does not belong to the fruit category, but the nut category, a larger category can be described as a dried fruit.

The biological definition of fruit is a plant fruit rich in water and sugar that can be eaten directly raw, although the sugar content of chestnuts is relatively high, the water content is less, and there is no promotion of digestion, so it can be seen that chestnuts do not belong to the fruit category.

The biological definition of a nut is a fruit with hard skin and one or more seeds inside, which belongs to the closed fruit and is also a category of dried fruit.

[Chestnuts contain high sugar content?

100 grams of fresh chestnuts contain about 42 grams of sugar, and the sugar content of dried chestnuts will be higher. The sugar content of chestnuts is on the high side in the nut food category. The sugar in chestnuts is mainly in the form of starch, a starchy nut.

Chestnut protein content is 4%-5%, and chestnuts are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, vitamin B2, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc. Chestnuts contain rich unsaturated fatty acids.

Due to the high sugar content of chestnuts, diabetics should consume them in moderation.


What are the benefits of eating chestnuts?

1. Strengthen the body and bones

Chestnut has the effect of strengthening the body and bones as well as the spleen and liver and can alleviate the problem of kidney deficiency, especially for people with loose stools and kidney deficiency. Chestnut contains natural vitamin C, which can maintain the normal functioning of blood vessels, muscles, teeth, and bones.

In addition, raw chestnuts can also assist in the treatment of bruises and battering injuries. Mashing raw chestnuts into a paste and applying it to the affected area can relieve tendon and bone swelling and pain, and achieve the effect of stopping pain and bleeding and absorbing pus and poison.

2. Prevent cancer and heart disease

According to scientific research, chestnuts contain an extremely important ingredient called plant protein, which can effectively protect our cardiovascular and cellular balance in the body.

Eating 20 grams of chestnuts a day can effectively prevent the incidence of heart disease and cancer. Some data show that the incidence of cancer in people who like to eat chestnuts is as much as 15% lower than in normal people.

3. Benefit Qi and nourish the spleen

According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, "Chestnut is sweet and warm, and enters the spleen, stomach and kidney meridian." Modern nutrition research has confirmed that the sugar and starch content of chestnut fruit is as high as 70.1%.

It can fully provide the body with heat energy and help fat metabolism, and has the name "hardcore crop" and "woody grain". And the chestnut fruit is sweet and glutinous, fine powder, with stomach and spleen, thick stomach and intestines of the role.

4. Promote fetal development

Chestnut is rich in protein and sugar, but also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and other minerals and vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2.

In particular, vitamin C, B vitamins and carotenoids, and folic acid content than the general nuts are higher. These nutrients can promote the growth and development of the fetus and prevent fetal stunting.

5. Help prevent osteoporosis

Many people should not know that chestnut can prevent osteoporosis, it contains the body needs vitamin C, vitamin C a substance in our body, that can play a more important role.

Regular consumption of chestnuts can well prevent sepsis, and can also well promote calcium absorption, so regular consumption of chestnuts can prevent cardiovascular diseases.


"Chestnut" can not just eat? The doctor reminds us: these 4 types of people usually eat as little as possible, must listen to advice

1. people with spleen deficiency

Chestnuts are highly nutritious and good for your health, but they require strict gastrointestinal function because raw chestnuts cannot be digested and absorbed, so people with weak spleens and stomachs should eat them with caution.

Chestnut nutrition is comprehensive, but the predator's gastrointestinal function requirements are strict, chestnuts are not easy to eat directly raw, cooked, and steamed, not suitable to eat more, in addition, must chew slowly.

2. People who want to lose weight

Although in this harvest of autumn, eating chestnuts is a very beautiful and happy thing, for people who want to lose weight the most, oh well do not eat chestnuts.

Because the chestnut calorie is very high, there is "eat six chestnuts equal to a bowl of rice", although there are exaggerated ingredients, but also enough to prove that it is very high in calories.

Therefore, weight loss is not suitable for people to eat chestnuts, eat up to six or seven per day can.

3. maternity, pediatric constipation

For maternity and pediatric constipation should not eat more chestnuts, maternity if you eat too much, maternal indigestion easily, and then abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other symptoms. If a baby is constipated, eating chestnuts may cause indigestion, thus aggravating the symptoms of constipation.

If your baby is constipated, you should eat more foods that contain dietary fiber. For example, vegetables and fruits and coarse grains, as far as possible, do not eat undigested food to avoid aggravating constipation.

4. Diabetic patients

Chestnut belongs to the nut food, which contains oil although not as much as walnuts and almonds, the starch content of chestnuts is quite a lot.

Diabetic patients eat a large number of easy-to-affect blood sugar values, starch body is easily converted into sugar, and stored in the body directly to raise blood sugar, high blood sugar patients must pay more attention.


Extension: How to select high-quality chestnuts?

1. Look at the shape of the chestnut

Although chestnuts are all underneath a thick shell, the shape of chestnuts is different, and chestnuts have a round shape and a flat shape. Relatively speaking, the round chestnut is much sweeter than the flat chestnut, because from the growth shape of the chestnut, the round shell of the chestnut, is on the outside of the spherical chestnut shell.

The flat chestnut particles, on the other hand, are only flat because they are squeezed in the middle of the chestnut. And the closer the chestnut is to the shell the easier it is to receive sunlight and the sweeter it tastes.

2. Look at the butt of the chestnut

There is a circle of white at the end of the chestnut, the white range is too large to be delicious, try to choose the white range that is small, sugar fried chestnut is used for the white range of chestnuts.

3. Taste

Bite open a chestnut to see the internal color inside, it is yellow instead of white, and then taste, if it is sweet, it means the chestnut is good.


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