Challenge of the Month

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Before and After Part One

Challenge of the Month

January was a challenging month for me, trying to find motivation every day to get up out of bed before noon and put my lazy out of shape body and muscles back to work!

I probably failed more times than I would like to admit, but I never officially quit.

It's the start of a new month, and that means a new promise and new goal.

Optimism, Patience, Determination, Persistence, and Motivation are all areas I want to practice to excel in.

These traits will help me achieve my long-term goal.

I think it's important to learn to be independent, self-reliant, and to learn to mentally and physically discipline yourself.

It helps us grow as individuals and makes us better people.

I hope.

It's hard stepping outside our comfort zones. They're called comfort zones for a reason.

So, this morning I got up at a reasonable hour, not too early as I find it harder to stay motivated when I'm sleep deprived, and now I'll just let myself get a decent amount of rest before getting up to exert myself.

No need in draining yourself when you have nothing in the tank. I never get anywhere fast—or anywhere at all, for that matter.

I turned the TV on and started my Daily Burn app. Pilates was the first thing that popped up on the screen so I decided to jump right into that.

24 minutes later, and my muscles were definitely awake—burning, but awake!

Energy still pumping through me, I headed down the road on foot and started my mile walk.

I was proud of myself for getting my butt in gear all by myself. Some people need coaching during these things, and I feel like I am one of those people.

I honestly think I am one of those people who would do better having help, but that's also part of why I want to try this by myself.

I have tried to start a fitness plan every year for the last three to five years, but I have never been more determined than I am this year in 2019.

Bring on the challenge, I say, I'm up to for it!

Join me in my monthly challenge to better myself. Remember to start small and think positive!

I am not sure how my workout regimen will go tomorrow, as I kind of play it by ear based on what the Daily Burn app is featuring. Hopefully more pilates. I have been enjoying that actually, more so than yoga, to be honest.

I understand it will take some time to build the muscles I'm trying to attain; however, the cardio factor is more important than any of it.

Always remember CARDIO, CARDIO, and more CARDIO when it comes to any type of fitness regimen.

Oh, and try to have fun. Easier said than done, but having fun or finding ways to make it fun, will help pass the time, as well as make it a little less dreadful when tomorrow comes.

Snow day?! (Sore muscles and snow go together quite nicely.)

Despite waking unexpectedly sore, there was snow this morning on the ground!

Big flakes falling from the sky, it reminded me of my childhood.

Waking up to snow and immediately hoping that school would be canceled for a snow day!

I immediately knew I shouldn't push myself to do pilates or any other kind of workout.

Since starting pilates, I have taken it fairly easy, only doing beginner stuff.

Why am I feeling like I just completed a Shaun T workout? This is crazy. I've never even been this sore in these areas of my abdomen, even when I was doing more strenuous workouts.

Oh well, I must be doing something right.

So I took the day off, making it feel even more like a snow day from my childhood.

I didn't have the proper shoes to go play in the snow or I would have contemplated a snow angel or snowman.

Also, not having the appropriate snow shoes led me to stay in the house today instead of taking my mile walk.

I didn't want to risk frostbite.

On that note, I was some what productive today. I took "before" photos, and it was very shocking—to say the least.

I don't think anyone should resort to having to do such a terrible thing. And I sure hope I don't scare myself when I take the "after" photo!

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