Clean Eating
Clean Eating

Ch. 3 Eating Habits (NTCHR MNDD Free Book)

“We live in a society where most people have heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” and people still eat dead meat and other forms of flesh. What’s to become of you?”-Seu Juon

Ch. 3 Eating Habits (NTCHR MNDD Free Book)
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There are two ways to stop eating omnivorously—either cold turkey or by weaning off. I struggled for years, slipping and sliding with diets. Until I looked up and saw what I'd been doing to myself, and saw what would come next.

I've watched my grandparents closely, monitoring their health as they got older. The one thing that I noticed was how they kept getting the same illnesses as they aged. They got high blood pressure, sugar (diabetes), and heart problems together. That's crazy, they're not twins, they're connected by marriage and not by blood. Why were they contracting these diseases? I had a lot of time to analyze the entire situation, and in conclusion, I found—food.

Growing up in my house, we ate a lot of meat and dairy, even greens had pork fat or beef bones in it. When that’s all you know, it’s ridiculously hard to listen to someone telling you to live off of fruits and vegetables. That was then. Today, eating meat is impossible to do, so I understand both points of view.

When I first was diagnosed, I searched frantically on the internet, using many different specific word searches on google, hoping to find a trick, treatment or cure for MS. When I was diagnosed I took an MRI that confirmed that I had white matter in my brain. White matter being the main cause of everything to me because the brain controls all nervous functions of the body, I searched for better understanding of what white matter is.

How did it get in me, how did it manifest there, to begin with?

The doctors would say it’s genetic, I did my own research and what Dr. Sebi said stuck with me, "Disease cannot live in an alkaline body." It no longer concerned me, what I was TOLD by doctors because for years their way didn’t work.

I feel people really need to pay, with much scrutiny and speculation, attention to what they ingest and digest aurally.

Aural ingestion is absorbing in audio form. Accepting what you hear.

Aural digestion is breaking down what you’ve accepted from listening.

Last hearing thing—Know the difference between listening and hearing:

*To Hear is to be aware of a sound

*To listen is to concentrate consciously on sounds.

Did you know that you can talk to potted plants positively and negatively and it will grow or die accordingly? That's humans talking to plants, what about a trusted human that you feel has greater knowledge than you? Is that not the same psychology? If you’re a plant, I mean patient, you grow how that trusted human fosters you, whether it be in sickness or health. Change your narrative, become your narrator.

Overstanding that, I put my faith in me.

I began to immediately stop feeding my disease by changing my diet and started to feed myself with concentrated positive self-talk and non-mucus-forming foods, consciously.

I became more concerned about clearing mucus from my body to see if that would make me feel better. Multiple Sclerosis WAS my dis-ease, the pills, and intravenous treatments weren't working, seeing as how I'd been taking different medicines for years. Symptoms would remit and new ones would come. Through Dr. Sebi's mucus eliminating diet list, I began to eat and feel better. The first thing I took notice to when I changed my diet was my body expelling mucus. For a month or so I was coughing up and blowing mucus from my nose. It took me a few days to figure it out but the body cleanses itself naturally when you’re feeding it the proper foods.

About a year after being diagnosed, I did a mental list of what I would eat growing up and what I saw being eaten.

**Skip this next part if you have no plans of stopping meat consumption.

Buckle up...

So you go to the store and purchase breakfast. For breakfast, you get a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Our bodies are a balance of alkaline and acidic properties. When we are out of balance, sickness ensues.

Bacon is dead flesh, it's hard for our bodies to digest. In order to do so, the digestive system uses mucus to break the food down. Mucus is acidic.

Cow’s milk should be used to feed calves. Calves—so they don’t even drink milk their entire lives. Let’s not forget to mention, cows have four stomachs. We, humans only have one. So, before we even get to talking about cheese, their milk isn’t even for us to drink, let alone aged, hardened blocks of puss and fat-shredded, melted or otherwise. Cheese is acidic, salty like, I’m sorry, mucus.

And last but not least the egg... where to start?

Chickens in this country are mostly farmed in overcrowded coupes, less room to breathe fresh air gives thriving space for bacteria sickness and disease to grow among the chickens. Secondly, because they don't contain sperm, what you’re eating is the hen's menstruation, eggs that haven’t been fertilized.

Don't let your cravings hurt your organism.

All of the foods I mentioned in the example are acidic and your body has to make excess amounts of mucus (acid) to break it down. This takes away from your balance and makes your organism acidic...


John "Seu Juon" Carr
John "Seu Juon" Carr
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