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Can Massage Improves Epididymitis?

Can massage help men with epididymitis?

By Amanda ChouPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Can Massage Improves Epididymitis?
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Epididymitis refers to acute and chronic inflammation caused by bacterial infection of the epididymis. Clinically, epididymitis can be divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis, most of which are caused by urinary tract infection and retrograde infection to the epididymis and testis.

Patients with acute epididymitis cannot be massaged. If the patient is in the acute attack stage, there will be scrotal swelling, pain, fever, epididymis swelling, obvious tenderness, and other symptoms. Massage treatment is not recommended at this time. If a forced massage or squeezing, it will aggravate the pain and inflammation will spread. It is recommended that patients should pay more attention to rest during the acute attack period. If the pain is obvious, the scrotum can be held up to relieve it.

After the swelling of the epididymis disappears, sometimes small nodules will form locally. Some patients can dissipate the nodules by using a local hot compress. However, do not apply a hot compress for a long time. Hot compress for a long time will lead to the decline of testicular spermatogenesis. Therefore, you should pay attention to the range of hot compresses.

Chronic epididymitis is mainly caused by retrograde infection of bacteria entering the vas deferens with blood circulation when the patient's immune function declines, thus causing inflammation. Many bacteria cause chronic epididymitis and the most common are Escherichia coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus, etc. The treatment of chronic epididymitis includes physical therapy, surgical treatment, drug therapy, etc. Massage is a kind of physical therapy, which is explained in detail below.

Through massage, patients with chronic epididymitis can promote the local blood circulation of the epididymis and the local elimination of inflammation of the epididymis and delay the development of the disease.

The massage method is to pinch the epididymis with the ring finger gently, then massage clockwise for 10 minutes and counterclockwise for 10 minutes. Patients should persist for a long time so that massage treatment can be effective. In addition, when massaging, patients must pay attention to the strength and technique to prevent the improper operation from aggravating the disease.

To sum up, patients with chronic epididymitis can use massage to treat the disease, but massage can only play an auxiliary role and cannot solve the problem. Moreover, massage should also pay attention to technique and strength. The correct technique and strength can delay the development of the disease.

After discovering the condition, patients should go to the regular hospital for relevant examination in time and choose the appropriate treatment method. Patients should pay attention to comprehensive and targeted treatment from many aspects to cure the disease as soon as possible.

Chronic epididymitis is mainly caused by bacterial infection. If you want to eradicate the disease, the best treatment is drug treatment. For example, you can take herbal patent medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to clear away heat and detoxify, anti-inflammatory and relieve pain. It can eliminate all your symptoms related to epididymitis and causes to achieve a complete cure.

When suffering from epididymitis, in addition to active oral drug treatment, daily care is also critical. You should not eat spicy and irritating food at ordinary times, especially during the attack period. Don't smoke or drink alcohol. Eat less seafood, and try to have a light and nutritive diet. In addition, wear loose clothes and trousers as much as possible.

Patients should not sit or stand for a long time during treatment. You can exercise appropriately, which is conducive to local blood circulation and it can reduce inflammation symptoms, so epididymitis can be cured as soon as possible. In addition, there should be moderation in sexual life.


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