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Can Epididymitis Kill You? Remember Five Methods to Nurse Your Epididymis

Can Epididymitis Kill You?

By Jane SmithPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Can Epididymitis Kill You? Remember Five Methods to Nurse Your Epididymis
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For young adults, epididymitis is a common disease. Epididymitis is generally caused by bacterial invasion due to decreased resistance. This disease can also cause other complications, such as urethritis, which can seriously endanger our health. Many men are worried that it will affect their life expectancy after getting epididymitis.

So, can epididymitis kill you?

Less severe epididymitis will not affect life expectancy. But when men suffer from acute epididymitis, they will deprive them of the right to be fathers, which will impact them more. In addition, epididymitis induces dangerous diseases. Epididymitis can cause many reproductive and urinary conditions, such as varicocele, choroiditis, prostatitis, endocrine disorders, nephritis and other kidney diseases, and urinary infections.

Reminder: a few epididymitis patients with pathological changes (canceration) may be life-threatening.

Whether the treatment of epididymitis is timely is very important. If the acute epididymitis can be treated in time, there will be no sequelae or damage to the body. But if left untreated, the impact of this disease is tremendous. Patients can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill. It contains anti-inflammatory herbs, which can effectively kill the pathogens that cause epididymal infection.

However, suppose you do not pay attention to changing some bad habits in life. In that case, epididymitis is often prone to recurrence because the bacteria in the slender and tortuous epididymal canal are not easily eliminated.

So, if you suffer from epididymitis, how should you nurse your epididymis?

First, learn to relax and adjust your emotions. For patients with epididymitis, it is necessary to ensure a good mood. You can read more jokes and watch some funny videos. If you are in a good mood, your resistance will increase. Then do exercise more regularly, which can also improve your immune system.

Second, pay attention to good rest. You should develop the good habit of going to bed on time and getting up every day. You should also go to bed early and get up early. In terms of diet, eat less spicy and stimulating food. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Eat less food with high cholesterol, such as pork liver, and eat more light vegetables and fruits.

Third, epididymitis can cause testicular pain. So hold the scrotum so that it won't hurt so much. Also, don't do too heavy physical work, and don't sit still for a long time. It is necessary to be more active. And urinate once you have the urge to urinate, and you must not endure it.

Fourth, in terms of sexual life, patients with epididymitis also need to control their normal sexual life. Frequent sexual life hurts the relief of epididymitis and may also aggravate the disease. If there is too much sexual intercourse, it will make the bacteria re-emergence, and the disease will occur again. But abstinence is also not recommended because sperm will accumulate in the epididymis if there is no sexual life for a long time, making the epididymis in a state of filling with congestion.

Fifth, have a better dietary structure and prevent the intake of high-cholesterol foods. You are encouraged to eat less "red meat" (referring to meat with high cholesterol content such as pigs, cattle, and sheep) and eat more "white meat" (referring to chicken, fish, and other meat with low cholesterol content). You should avoid eating spicy food and excessive alcohol consumption, which can bring negative dampness and heat to the body from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM).​

All in all, men should not ignore the treatment and nursing for epididymitis. As long as you develop an optimistic attitude, smile more, follow specific rules in life, control your sex life and pay attention to your diet, your symptoms of epididymitis can be greatly relieved. Be hopeful for the cure of epididymitis.


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