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Biggest Indoor Exercise Mistakes

Some people love exercises at home and not going to classes at the gym, but they don't always do them correctly. These are the biggest indoor exercise mistakes people can make while working out.

By Jessica HerringPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

It is very convenient for people to stay home and exercise at their leisure when they have a busy schedule and don't want to be forced to pay for a gym membership or have a fear of the gym. But it can be easy for people to make naive exercise mistakes because they are in a rush or don't understand how to fully do the exercise to maximize its effect on the body.

Some of the biggest indoor exercise mistakes that people make can seem common sense but they are important to know so you can truly feel rejuvenated after working out. Once you identify these mistakes and correct them you will be feeling more energized and ready to tackle the day.

You don't understand anatomy.

Not fully understanding the body is one of the biggest indoor exercise mistakes. How can you expect to have an effective and satisfying workout if you don't know what muscle you're working on? It's important to understand how to most effectively gain strength in each area of the body and know how often you should put pressure on each of the body parts. For example, you should know not to work on your shoulders the day after doing a chest workout. These rules will help you gain more strength in your body, prevent severe injuries and burn more calories.

You over-do the amount of workouts you do.

Overworking your body is one of the most common mistakes people make when exercising. You should do your research and know ahead of time how long you need to focus on each area of the body. By overdoing a number of workouts you are wasting your time because the exercise isn't effective and you can seriously injure yourself.

You are too laid back when you're exercising.

Being too laid back when exercising is one of the biggest indoor exercise mistakes because people usually want to relax at home and don't take the workout seriously. To prevent this mistake from happening you should feel motivated and have a plan in mind every time before you exercise. It's okay to feel comfortable exercising at home but you don't want to forget about the importance of working out.

You don't do the workouts in the most effective manner.

If you don't do the workouts in the best manner then it ruins your whole exercise. You won't see the results you want and it will take longer to gain more muscle and strength. You need to make sure you use the equipment properly and understand how long to use each machine so you don't harm a part of your body. Also, you could hire a personal trainer to make sure you are exercising in the right form and getting the most bang for your buck.

You don't have the right equipment to exercise properly.

Not owning the right equipment to exercise properly is easily one of the biggest indoor exercise mistakes. Before you work out ensure that you have some machines, weights and possibly a treadmill. These workout items are necessary to having a successful workout and improving your fitness.

You don't make exercising a fun and social activity.

It's important to make working out an exciting and social activity so you don't lose focus when exercising and feel more inclined to exercise. You will end up being more focused on exercising if you have a set time each week to work out with your friend. Also, your friend can push you to work out more intensely than you normally would and teach you beneficial workout tips. This is one of the biggest indoor exercise mistakes because people often think friends will be a distraction and they should work out alone. However, fitness and determination go hand-in-hand and friends can give you that needed determination.

You don't have a specific plan in mind when exercising.

Before you exercise you need to have a goal in mind and know ahead of time how long you are planning on exercising and which workouts you are going to do. If you don't have a plan in mind then it's more likely for you to not be as effective when working out and to miss something important. If you know prior to exercising what muscles you will be working on you, it will allow you to become more fit and increase your likelihood for happiness.

You don't have a designated workout area.

Having a specific area only used for exercising is one of the biggest indoor exercise mistakes. Too often people assume they can work out in any area of their home and don't think about the impacts. You need to have a particular room or spot in your house that is solely for exercising. It's important to give yourself an adequate amount of space to move around and not feel cramped. You also need to ensure you have the appropriate amount of room for machines.

You don't warm-up before exercising.

Not prepping your body for a strenuous workout is a surefire way to cause damage to yourself. You need to get your muscles warmed up and do a couple of motions to get your blood flowing and your body ready for a work out. After warming up you should preferably be sweating, feeling flexible and ready to start exercising.

You don't have enough sleep.

Not running on enough sleep is a rookie move and one of the biggest indoor exercise mistakes. You should have at least eight hours of sleep a night to function and to get the results you're hoping to see. Not getting enough sleep can cause you to gain weight and negatively affect your health. You should schedule your workout routine based on your sleep schedule to ensure the best results and have weight loss. It's good to exercise in the morning but it should not compromise your sleep.


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