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Astrology’s Best and Worst

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 8 months ago in spirituality · updated 8 months ago
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A look at each signs traits

Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash

I made this list for fun; it’s not meant to rile anyone or make them feel bad about their sign. I think it’s important to laugh at ourselves from time to time. That said, the worst traits of each astrology sign do give us insights into how we might use the lessons of our sign to improve.

The potential for each sign is to grow and evolve into the higher aspects of the sign, shedding the lower aspects. An evolved Scorpio isn’t going to sink to the low level of revenge as an unevolved Scorp might. Nor will an evolved Aquarius be a know-it-all.

As you read your sign's worst and best attributes ask yourself if you have moved through the bad and adapted to the good in your life. If you haven’t, reflect on why that is.

Read your sun, moon, and rising signs, for a full perspective.

Best and Worst traits of each astrology sign


Best-Spontaneous, athletic, enthusiastic, and fun to be around. Aries are all about action, having a good time, and enjoying themselves.

Worst- Please turn down the volume Aries! We can hear you! Aries likes to make things about themselves, their focus is consistently self-driven.


Best-Good cooks, loyal, steadfast, thoughtful. Taurus wants to feel good and loves to care for those they love, providing them comfort and care.

Worst- Runs lazy, likes to indulge but their trademark stubbornness is the most pronounced stumbling block for Taurus.


Best- Intelligent, energetic, fun to do things with, never dull. Gemini’s are the butterflies of the zodiac. Bright, entertaining, and gone before you know it! Off on some other amazing adventure.

Worst- Gemini just can’t decide on one point of view. Gem can see things from all angles. This gives them the appearance of talking out of both sides of their mouth and being rather flaky, unable to make a firm stance on anything.


Best- Caring, makes love-infused food, good listeners, creative. Cancers seek comfort and coziness wherever they go. If you are in their space they will work hard to make you feel the same.

Worst- This sign will let it be known when they are unhappy. Moody, complaining, and prone to holding grudges. Cancer can be as crabby as they can be sweet.


Best- Loyal to those they love, family-oriented, entertaining, leaders. Leo likes to spread themselves around so everyone can get some of their glory.

Worst- The lion can be braggy and loud about it. The worst trait is Leos's pride. A hurt Leo can’t function, the insult is way, way too great.


Best- Knowledgeable about many topics, helpful, caring. Virgos like cleanliness, healthy foods, animals, and being independent.

Worst-They can be extremely critical and opinionated. They like to watch other people's dramas and be judgmental about them.


Best- Easy to talk to, has a great eye for style, charming, easy-going. Libra’s are good partner people, they hook into one person and like to do everything with them.

Worst- It’s really really hard for Libra’s to make up their minds. They love to gossip, and when the bleep hits the fan they like to ghost. They also have nasty tempers when pushed far enough,


Best- Can be laid back, friendly, protective, hard-working, They have super keen insights, and can see things about you that even you don’t see.

Worst- When a Scorpio isn’t very evolved they can be vindicative, revenge-seeking, and petty. They think they’re being really badass but they make themselves look immature in reality. Luckily mainly Scorps are perfectly decent people who never stoop to such lowly methods.


Best- Expressive, fun to watch, glass half full, philosophical. Super optimistic and able to dream big. The world is Sagittarius’s stage.

Worst- Tall tale-tellers, (say that fast three times) are too idealistic. They tend to be brutally honest. Sag can leave at the drop of a hat. Their freedom will always be their number one priority.


Best- Strong, loving, family ties mean a lot to them, dedicated. Extremely hard-working and dialed in.

Worst- The goat is known to leave little hoof impressions on people's faces when trying to get to the top of the mountain. They can be bossy, too sensitive to criticism, and walled off too.


Best- Humanitarian, an environmentalist, change-maker, teacher. The way showers of the zodiac.

Worst- Some are super big know-it-alls, Aquarius can be detached even cool at times. Most run a bit stubborn, not Taurus level but stubborn. They can argue their points insisting they know and won’t budge on their beliefs. This can make for very rigid thinking.


Best- Dreamer, artistic, open-minded, insightful. Pisces can be poetic, creative, and have amazing talent.

Worst- Pisces has a hard time paying attention, half the time they are in a different dimension it seems. Inattentive and lingering, never sure if they want to come or go. Tend to lean on substances to block out their emotions.

Astrology gives us interesting insights into our personalities, potentials, and both our positive and negative traits. It’s a fun way to develop yourself or better understand others while being a useful tool in the spiritual toolbox.

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