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Astral Projection and Astral Travel

An article about the skill of astral projection

By New Age Thoughts ChicagoPublished 4 years ago 13 min read

Hello New Age Thinkers, welcome back to another edition of the New Age Thoughts blog!

Today we’re going to be covering an extremely exciting topic; Astral projection. This is something that is of extreme interest in the spiritual community. Many questions that I've seen, been asked, and I have asked are, "Is astral projection the same thing as an out of body experience? Can I die? Is it safe? Can anyone do it?" With all of that being said, we're going to dive right in and discuss details about what projection is, who can do it then, but I’m gonna answer his questions and I seem to be very common so just dive right in.

There are some differences between astral projection and astral travel. Astral projection is projecting your consciousness outside of your body. You would be able to see yourself sleeping, see your bedroom, although some things may be and look a little bit different that's just the nature of projection. The reason things may be different, such as your walls being blue when they were originally white, your blanket being pink when it was black, or your bedroom looking like a completely different place is due to the energetic changes, or you can be in a different dimension. Astral travel allows you to travel around the different planes of reality. You can get lost in a lower dimension or you can go to a higher dimension. Both aspects can be extremely beneficial to you depending on how you perceive the experience. The concept behind this spiritual practice takes a lot of energy, willpower, and a sharp, well-trained, meditative mind. It’s a spiritual practice that takes a lot of consciousness and meditation to be able to project your spirit and leave your body to travel to other dimensions and possibly experience different beings

The starting stage of astral projection is what many people call sleep paralysis. There are countless stories all over the internet in which people are petrified of sleep paralysis, which is somewhat humorous because you see stories of demons or spirits crushing people. Although, sometimes this does happen. I would be ignorant to say it does not. However, most of the time that’s not the case. What happens is the idea that your body is sleeping and your spirit wakes up and it becomes conscious and you’re not gonna be able to move your body if your spirit wakes up and you are fast asleep. The next stage, if you can focus beyond the sleep paralysis and avoid the fear of it, you would need to focus on standing up. If you can accomplish this, you will begin to hear a loud ringing or buzzing in your head. Sometimes, it can be so loud it will cause you to wake up. Don't be afraid of this buzzing. It is not going to hurt you or make your head explode. Once the ringing begins, the next step you will notice is called the vibration stage. Your body will start to vibrate tremendously, you may feel light-headed, the ringing will get louder. This is the stage many people tend to have trouble with. If you can properly focus your mind, the next and last thing you will hear is a loud POP. This loud pop is part of your spirit popping out of your body. At this point, you will have the ability to leave your body. You will then realize that you will either be floating, standing, or falling. You may be able to see yourself, your room, or you will be in a completely different place. At this point, this is where I congratulate you on having projected your consciousness.

The first time that you can do this, it may only last thirty seconds or more. This is because astral projection requires an immense amount of energy and focus. You will be able to extend your time in the astrals with meditation, a good diet, and a strong mind.

This practice can be so beneficial to you and your spiritual practice for so many reasons! One, it can give you a new state of mind which allows you to realize that we are all energy we’re all from higher energy, which some call God, the universe, source, or creator. We are all interconnected with that energy and eventually, you can learn to heal yourself. Secondly, you can learn from higher dimensional beings. These higher dimensional beings will be able to teach you new concepts, new ways to awaken your soul and consciousness. You will learn to treat yourself the correct way and it might be mind-shattering, so much so that you may be confused with your life. Things will start to resonate on a higher frequency and your life around you may start to shatter. This is because the construct around you is no longer valid in your life and its making way for new people, things, and a new way of life. Third, this practice may allow you to teach others and become more interconnected with human beings. Some of these entities that you may encounter are your spirit guides, ascended masters, and angels or angelic beings.

An experience that I want to share, one of my experiences, with you. One night, I'm not sure how I ended up sleeping in my little brother's room but I remember it was maybe 3:30 in the morning, I was asleep next to him and I heard a loud pop and I started thinking to myself, "What the hell is going on? What was that?" I didn’t even realize that I went to the vibrational stage and I didn’t hear the loud ringing. I just popped and next thing you know I was flying down and I landed inside of this floating prison/asylum; it was completely bizarre. I decided to start walking around in there. I witnessed some of the most horrible creatures that were ready to pounce on me and to lock me up. They were screaming at me, "Why are you out of your room!"

I remember thinking to myself, "Where am?!? I need to get out of here!" The same moment I thought that the creatures started running after me. I don’t know how to describe them, maybe it’s similar to alien/monsters in the Space Jam movie with Michael Jordan. Although, those alien creatures look 1,000 times more pleasant compared to these creatures. I remember running into a large bathroom being chased by these creatures. I thought to myself, "Oh my God, I need to get out of here because these guys are gonna grab me and their gonna lock me up for good and I won't be able to leave, wake up, or get back to my physical body." This place was not holy. I'm not sure what it was. All I knew was I needed to get out. At the same time I was thinking these things, two creatures the size of giants cornered me in the bathroom. I don't know how I did this, but I focused my energy and as one of them grabbed me, I shot out a bolt of pure energy so hard that it knocked the big thing on the ground and the other one was slammed into the wall. I ran out of the bathroom and followed a sign that said exit. I ran out of the door and it was in the backyard or some grass filled recreation area right behind the building. It was the size of a small backyard. I saw a huge fence and at the top of it, I saw barbed wire. I didn't care. I just needed to get out of there. I began climbing the fence and I get to the top of it, the barbed wire didn't cut me. When I looked down, it looked like the prison was on a floating rock and I didn’t know where to go. If I jumped off of the floating rock, I would have fallen into something that looked like a large black hole. For some reason, I knew that if I jumped my soul would be lost forever and I wouldn’t be able to get back to my body. The next thing you know this large hideous creature comes out of the door laughing at me and it tells me to go ahead and jump. "You’ll see that you’ll never return your body."

I thought to myself, "How did you hear that and how did you know I was thinking about jumping?" It responded that all things are manifestations and you create what you want them to be in this world. I didn’t know what that meant because I wasn’t as advanced as I was now. I told him I need to get out of here and he needs to let me out.

He laughed and told me, "No one leaves this place, ever! You come here on your own accord because you realize something is wrong with you." I thought to myself and questioned if I was in Hell. He laughed and said, "No this is the prison, this is an asylum and this is a place for people who suffer, need to suffer and we need to learn to suffer. However, as you become 'rehabilitated' through suffering you’ll never be able to leave." After he said that I jumped off of the fence and I ran past the warden and I found myself running into a lobby. It was like the lobby of a normal hospital. There were a bunch, benches and there’s even a person at the front desk checking people in. I ran to that person at the front desk and asked what’s the best way out of here. He looked as if his entire soul was absorbed out of him. He was this grey mangled looking creature that resembled a dead person. It looked up at me and he told me in a very low raspy and depressed voice that nobody ever leaves and put his head back down. My frustration was through the roof. I was starting to feel as if I would never be able to leave. I even considered turning myself in because I was demoralized. I tried one more time to run to the front door and leave. It didn't work.

Just then over the loudspeaker, the warden shouted, "He's in the lobby. He's found a way out. WE NEED TO GET HIM NOW!" It was at the same moment I found my attention being focused on this being. It was a being that looked like it didn't belong. It wasn't scary nor angry. Its presence was comforting. I didn’t know who this being was and I didn’t want to talk to it because growing up parents tell you not to talk to strangers because it could be dangerous. They could kidnap you or hurt you. Whatever the case, I decided that I’d talk to him. He told me that he knew a way out. I asked him then why don’t you come with me and I also asked why he didn’t leave yet. He responded, "I’m here to help those like you who get stuck here and places like this"

I responded very confused, "Okay... what do I do to get out? Which door do I take?" He handed me a 15-inch needle with a vial the size of a 16 oz water bottle filled with purple fluid. "You need to insert this into your left arm and you to inject yourself. The purple fluid was the brightest thing you could see. I told him I’m not gonna shoot myself up with this stuff. "You have 30 seconds before the warden and his goons get down here. He then told me to run to the door and put a chair in between the door so that they couldn’t open it. I did that and ran back to him and he said, "It would stop them for 15 more seconds, you need to decide what to do now. If you don't inject yourself with this you’re stuck here forever." I got this feeling that I could trust this being and I decided to inject myself. I remember putting this needle in my arm but it burned so bad. It was one of the most painful feelings you can ever imagine. All 15 inches of this needle went into my veins and it conformed with the way my veins run in my body. I then injected the fluid and I realized that my entire body vibrating and every single vein in my body was turning purple. "What the hell did you give me?!?

I woke up and my brother's bed. I looked down at my arm and the injection site was still there and my veins were glowing purple. I woke him up. "Dude look at my arm."

He looked at me completely in shock and in fear asked, "What the F*** is wrong with your vein?" My veins were glowing purple and it was still bright.

I remember running downstairs because my girlfriend was in my bed at the moment and showed her. She woke up and said, "Oh my God why is your arm glowing."

So what I took out of this experience was that astral projection can be scary. However, even though this experience was freighting you can always get find a way back to your body. However, I also learned that there are higher and more advanced beings who will manifest something to help protect you. I suppose that I manifested myself into a lower dimension because I was in a fear-based mindset at that time. I was constantly negative and I was constantly upset with the world. The asylum taught me that I need to be more positive in my life. Being there was completely horrifying and I learned that being angry at the world will leave me stuck in this place where I’ll never be able to get out. I also learned that there is no such thing as coincidence and there are synchronicity‘s from the universe that will aid you. It took that experience to make me a more positive person. I’m a loving person and a more spiritual person. Before this experience, I wasn't as spiritual as I wanted to be. I dabbled with concepts within spirituality but I never actually practiced it daily. I also learned that I met a spirit guide, which was that being that made itself present to me. I also realized about a year later that the purple fluid that I took was pure light from a higher dimension which allowed me to move out of the lower dimension our human dimension and go back into my body without any problems.

I learned later on that it cannot be stuck in another dimension because your spirit is tethered to the body through what is called a life cord. It is a tether that attaches to you so you’ll never be able to physically be gone from your body. The only way that this life cord gets cut or ripped is in the case of the death of your physical body. Your physical body is just a shell for your spirit, your soul is what animates it. I know now that I could have snapped back to my body just by thinking about what being human feels like and what my physical body feels like. Although, the experience educated me in the astral world. I share this information with you in hopes that you will learn from it and it will benefit you in such a way that you won’t have to experience things the way I did. This astral projection experience was this one of my first ones as an adult and it was scary. However, it put me into a deeper level of spirituality and I became more meditative. I haven't attempted to astral project since. Maybe after writing about this, I'm ready to do it again.


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