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An unprecedented visit

by DanilBos about a month ago in health
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For me, it is almost rare to have a major illness before the age of 55. Half a century, some minor ailments, due to the lack of attention, the perennial accumulation of heavy, and lead to serious consequences. One of the most distressing is the mental system problems: neurasthenia, insomnia is a common phenomenon, giving the impression that the spirit is depressed, not old before the decline. This was compounded by a good sip of wine, of which there were two fainting spells in five years. The diagnosis: the first time was cerebral hypoxia, the second time was cerebral ischemia. That was in 2013, and since then, taking medication all year round to expand my blood vessels has become a regular part of my life. Under the effect of the medication, my body gradually returned to normal. But the old problem of alcoholism has not changed, and two years later, feeling good about myself, I stopped the medication without permission.

In October 2018, I went to Phuket, Thailand, with my family to attend my brother-in-law's son's island wedding. On the way back, while the plane was passing over Vietnam, without any warning, I suddenly fainted in my seat and became unconscious. Afterwards, my partner described the situation: I fainted with a shout, and my partner and relatives, who were sitting around me, were shocked and came to visit and help. My sister-in-law hurriedly contacted the air hostess and asked for help on the radio in English and Chinese. An elderly foreign woman on board came forward and offered emergency help, while the crew even discussed a plan to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport. I was gradually revived by the help of foreign friends. This result made all the people's hearts drop, but I was unaware of everything that had happened.

At 2:00 a.m., the plane arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport on time, and I got off the plane amidst the attention and greetings of the passengers and the crew. This unexpected event happened to me. I experienced and felt the warmth of human love without borders! I wish for a long and happy life to the foreign woman whose nationality and name I don't know! Good luck! Thank you to the crew of the flight!

There was no doubt that my first priority after returning to Shanghai was to get medical treatment. That morning, we went to the Department of Neurology of Shanghai First People's Hospital not far from home, accompanied by my companion, despite the fatigue of the journey and the sleepless night, where the chief physician of the department was sitting. After listening to my partner's statement about the onset of the disease, he asked me to undergo three tests: CT, EEG and magnetron vibration. The first two tests were fine, and the results of the magneto-vibration were due in three days.

On the third day, we took the film to the doctor for diagnosis. After looking at it, he said, "There is no major problem, pay attention not to drink, don't stay up late, and get good rest." At that time, we reminded the doctor to prescribe medicine, and he replied, "In your condition, medicine can be taken or not. That is to say, as long as you do what the doctor ordered, the medicine does not need to be prescribed. Her words made my partner and I half-heartedly react. If I remember correctly this is the only time ever that I have had a visit to the doctor with zero cost of medication.

I don't see many doctors, but every time I do, it's a big bag, Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and the cost of medicine is hundreds of dollars, more than a few hundred, and thousands of dollars. When I returned home, my partner felt uneasy and unsettled. A week later, we came to the hospital once again. This time, I found out in advance that the chief doctor who first saw me was in charge. He read the test results and gave the same three tips, and did not prescribe any medicine on the prescription list. I was puzzled by the fact that the film record sheet did not reflect that some items still had problems. The doctor explained that these problems are common symptoms in the elderly and can be alleviated with care and attention.

When I told my mother that the doctor did not prescribe medicine for this visit, he was also surprised and amazed. Who doesn't know that under the system of hospitals feeding doctors with drugs, doctors prescribe large prescriptions for minor illnesses, ordinary drugs can be cured, but must prescribe expensive drugs, imported drugs and other problems have long become an unspoken rule. People feel numb and accustomed to this abnormal social phenomenon, although they are not happy about it. Instead, they are skeptical that there are diseases that can be prevented by changing their lifestyles, which is undoubtedly a pathology!

Not long ago. I saw from the WeChat video. CCTV 13 news program. Revealed the unannounced visit that happened in a large hospital in Shanghai. The pharmaceutical representatives of various pharmaceutical companies pretending to be patients to see the doctor, to give the doctor the kickback screen. The incident is shocking! People for the high price of drugs, from these unscrupulous doctors and drug companies to exploit the disgraceful behavior of patients abhorrent, for the relevant government departments to severely rectify the medical ethics and medical style applauded!

The person in charge of the Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission said, "medical and health care is a matter of the people's vital interests, the violation of the provisions of the governance of medical product rebates, to adhere to a zero-tolerance attitude, found a resolute investigation and punishment." Shanghai will further solve the problem of improper winds and corruption such as rebates on pharmaceutical products, let the ban become powerful, adhere to the responsibility to ask questions, accountability will be strict, with a new role in the overall strict governance of the party, and strive to promote the city's medical and health care to achieve new developments and create a clean and healthy environment.

I can't say that the phenomenon of doctors getting kickbacks has now been completely eliminated after the severe crackdown on rectification. But through this time my medical experience, I can see that the construction of medical ethics and medical style, indeed, has begun to bear fruit. Phenomena such as zero cost medical care will no longer be a curiosity and distract you!


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