An Oasis of Calm

A Walking Meditation

An Oasis of Calm

Normally I’d be more stressed in a situation such as this. Saturday afternoon, at a grocery wholesale store, and it’s packed. Not the most ideal place for a meditation practice, but meditation can be done anywhere, at anytime, by anyone, and today I’ve brought my oasis with me. I’m going to guide you on how to do the same. Before we dive in though, a tidbit for any beginners out there, and a friendly reminder for those more practiced. You may get distracted, and that’s okay. You’re mind may wander, and that’s okay. You’re emotions may follow your mind in the multitude of directions it goes, and that’s okay. If any of this happens, acknowledge that it happened. Let it go, and return your focus to your breath. Always returning to your breath, and so we begin, with a deep breath in.

And let it out. As you walk focus on nice, calming-deep breaths, and with each exhale, release any tension and let it all go. Continue breathing this way, turn your mind inwards, and check in with your body. Starting with your jaw, is it relaxed, or is it tensed? On your next exhale relax your jaw releasing any tension and stress. Focus on your shoulders, breathe deeply in, and exhale relaxing your shoulders completely. Checking in with your posture now, standing nice and tall, honoring your body with each breath and every step you take. Knowing that, with each and every step you take, that you have arrived at your destination. This is very important to remember during walking meditation. Whether you’re walking in a small circle in your home or yard, or from an A to B somewhere, every step that you take, you have arrived at your destination, which is right here and right now. This moment is your destination, breathe in knowing this, and exhale letting it all out with a sound, a sigh of relief, or whatever feels right for you.

Doing this you begin to form your own oasis of calm right around you. Breathe deeply in again feeling your being becoming more calm and relaxed with each breath and every step. You begin to feel lighter in your being, and in the oasis you’re creating around you. That lightness has sparked a light within you. Focus now on that light; that light is the color that brings you the most calm, serenity, and lightness. What color is that light for you? Breathe deeply in and exhale any left over tension, letting it all go. Your light grows bigger and brighter with each breath and every step. Imagine now your light extending all the way up into the sky, connecting to the source of limitless energy. Breathe it all into your being, and exhaling anything that no longer serves your present self. Keeping the connection to the sky above, imagine extending your light in the other direction, to the center of the Earth. Feel your light connect to the core and shoot all the way back up to the center of your being. Breathe in the warmth and nurturing energy from Mother Earth. Exhale, letting go of anything that no longer serves your present self. Having your light connected now to the sky above and Earth below your light swells even further around you. Your oasis of calm surrounds you. Breathe deeply in, and exhale, relaxing to the world around you.

Turning now to your senses, you begin to explore the world around you. Where are you right now? What’s happening? Simply observe. Observe the world around you without any judgments. What do you see, hear, feel, and smell? Enjoy exploring your environment with your senses from your centered state, your oasis. If the mind or emotions chime in with any judgments, remember that’s okay. Acknowledge that it happened, and kindly return your mind to focusing on the nice, calming-deep breaths. When you inhale bring in all that is good and light around you, and when you exhale relax, letting go of all that no longer serves your present self. Breathe deeply in, and exhale letting it all go. You’re doing it. Repeat as often and frequently as you wish. Remember: wherever you go, you always have your oasis.

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