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  • J.L. Hines
    Published 24 days ago
    An Oasis of Calm

    An Oasis of Calm

    Normally I’d be more stressed in a situation such as this. Saturday afternoon, at a grocery wholesale store, and it’s packed. Not the most ideal place for a meditation practice, but meditation can be done anywhere, at anytime, by anyone, and today I’ve brought my oasis with me. I’m going to guide you on how to do the same. Before we dive in though, a tidbit for any beginners out there, and a friendly reminder for those more practiced. You may get distracted, and that’s okay. You’re mind may wander, and that’s okay. You’re emotions may follow your mind in the multitude of directions it goes, and that’s okay. If any of this happens, acknowledge that it happened. Let it go, and return your focus to your breath. Always returning to your breath, and so we begin, with a deep breath in.