A PSA about COVID19

by Jacob Harold 4 months ago in advice

For all that is mighty, stop hoarding the toilet paper

A PSA about COVID19

In the times we are in, it is understandable to be scared. And the fear can cause you to do irrational things such as hoarding toilet paper and not food, or to be bored of staying inside and to simply just go out and “defy” the government because who are they to tell you what to do?

Seeing the way people have been acting, I feel that it’s important to drive in the message that the news and things like that have been trying to drive in. First things first, hoarding things is fine in moderation, hoarding things to the point where you have a single room dedicated to your survival isn’t okay if you’re just starting now. The second most important thing, wash your hands, for at least 20 seconds. If you can’t manage to do this at least as often as you brush your teeth, then you’re endangering yourself. The third thing is to, and this is the rule that is most often broken SOCIAL DISTANCE. I’ve already seen and heard of multiple groups of at least a hundred people hanging out, not caring about the virus at all. This is how the virus spreads and it seems that a good number of you don’t care.

If you live in America, the important things to buy would be non-perishable foods, soap, and SOME toilet paper, not ALL of it. Hoarding things this late in the event of this global pandemic is your own fault, and irresponsible when you try to care only for yourself. You need to think of others and how they’re trying to deal with the same situation as you.

Washing your hands and not touching your face isn’t hard. It really isn’t. Some tips for your handwashing techniques. Medical professionals say to spend at least 20 seconds of your life washing your hands, and they suggest to sing Happy Birthday or Brother John twice, it’s not hard and it gives you a legitimate excuse to exercise those vocal cords. While a good way to not touch your face is to put a cone around your head like you’re a dog. I joke. For me, I just keep my hands busy, like right now. My hands are busy typing the words you’re reading right now.

The last point and the reason why I’m even writing this in the first place, social distancing. It seems that people do not understand why we even coined this term. It’s to distance yourself, SOCIALLY. That means no PARTIES, no SPRING BREAK, none of that! Professionals mandate that you gather with less than 10 people. LESS than 10 people! I’ve seen so many irresponsible teens go to spring break still because “I want to”. Too bad! Don’t! Unless you want to catch the coronavirus and come home and jeopardize your family and friends, then do not break this rule! The damage has already been done but the best we can do at this point is to limit the damage any further than it already has been. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and stop partying so damn hard!

And as for everyone talking about “racism” when referring to COVID19, it isn’t racist to name a virus after where it originated. COVID19 originated in Wuhan, China. These are facts, and it would be a fact to name it the Chinese virus. Like how we named the 1918 influenza pandemic, the “Spanish Flu”. No one called it racist back then and it is extremely silly to call it racist now. It makes no sense and it is more of the same fear-mongering and examples of silly people on the internet doing what they do best. Creating unnecessary problems because they can’t help in a true and honest way.

Jacob Harold
Jacob Harold
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