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A Backyard Pool Is a Backyard Gym

by Paisley Hansen about a year ago in fitness

5 Reasons Why Your Backyard Pool Is Just as Good as The Gym.

A Backyard Pool Is a Backyard Gym

Why is swimming one of the best fitness workouts of all time? Because, for those who are already strong swimmers, and love to swim for fun, then it doesn’t even seem like a workout at all. However, swimming is a workout, a great one, in fact. Swimming a few daily laps in your own backyard pool will actually show you unbeatable results just as much (if not more) as bike-riding, jogging, or even spending hours at the gym each day. To take a slight detour, I want to mention that all pools have the same perks whether they are inground pools in Virginia or self made pools in California. That is the beauty of pools. But, if you’re still not convinced that swimming alone provides amazing and unbeatable results, here’s five fitness reasons a backyard pool beats the gym.

1. Pain? What Pain?

After a hard workout on the treadmill or elliptical, you’re probably “feeling” it, and sometimes not in a good way. You begin to experience aching joints and muscle pain, sore feet, ankles and knees, etc. However, the lack of pain and soreness you feel after a good cardio workout in the pool instead, is simply incredible, as swimming only causes you to feel the positive side-affects to working out. Because of the low impact, and because swimming can be easily tailored to match your abilities, everyone, from athletes to seniors, benefit from this kind of workout. It doesn’t matter if you have constant back problems, arthritis, have suffered from injuries, or any other issue that might cause you to shy away from exercise, because, being in the water doesn’t affect it. So, next time you’re dreading the gym exercise due to the uncomfortable after-affects, you might want to just take a dip in the pool, instead.

2. Become Invincible

Okay, so maybe swimming won’t make you invincible, but it will make you strong, and it builds your endurance in your lungs, muscles, and heart. In fact, many people use swimming as a way to build their endurance for other activities that require it, helping them use their oxygen more efficiently for other somewhat strenuous activities. Plus, when you’re pushing yourself through all that water, you can feel your muscles at work, and you can even feel yourself getting stronger. It’s called resistance training, and it’s something you wouldn’t get out of a simple jog or bike ride. Swimming also works and strengthens your whole body—from your joints and muscles, to increased endurance and stamina, to your insides, too.

3. Feel At Ease

Have you ever just sat and listened to the sound of water gently run off some cliffs? Or watched water fall, seemingly sending you into a trance-like state? Well, you experience the same peaceful, hypnotizing feeling being in the water, as well. Studies suggest water has a powerful effect on the brain. Water instantly gives us a refreshing, calming state of mind, giving us a moment of clarity being around or in it. Exercise can also give us this same rejuvenating sensation, and even a sense of clarity, which is why water and exercise together make the most effective and powerful duo.

4. Burn It Off

Going back to the resistance building part, swimming workouts not only make you stronger, but they can burn off more calories and fat, as well. Of course, the exact amount you burn off in the pool varies based on your weight and metabolism, so the statistics are a little generalized, but for an example: a 130 pound person can burn around 400 to 560 calories per swimming workout, as opposed to a person weighing around 200 pounds can burn as much as 650 to around 930. Regardless, these statistics are surprisingly impressive when you take into account the fact that you could possibly burn that much just from a simple swim.

However, the amount of calories and fat you burn off in the pool might also be dictated by how you choose to workout. Fortunately, another great perk to choosing a pool to exercise in is the fact that swimming is very versatile. From the breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, butterfly, or freestyle, you have numerous options to choose from. But, despite the fact that all of these moves will undeniably torch calories, some moves may do it more efficiently than others—a breast or sidestroke may burn off more calories than a backstroke would.

5. Not Just Improved Body

Frequently, swimming laps in a pool is shown to not only improve and work your body from the inside out, but research suggests your mind as well. In fact, swimming is shown to have a positive affect in areas anywhere from dementia patients to people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. This research is all based on specific studies performed on these specific mental and psychological cases, but the key element from both sets of studies is that swimming serves as an excellent mood-enhancer. Of course, more research in these areas is a continuous work in progress, but one that shows many possibilities.

So, take a moment to let all of the amazing benefits swimming in a pool can offer sink in over the alternatives, such as dripping with sweat from jogging, or spending hours at the gym. And, although these reasons to ditch the gym and workout in a pool should be convincing enough, there are thousands of other different reasons this is true. Even if your gym offers access to a pool, it still wouldn’t beat owning your own inground pool to serve as your own private workout facility—you may even find that it saves you more money in the long run. There you have it, you can find a lot more benefits from working out in a pool than practically any other workout—so now go take a swim and enjoy the benefits.

Paisley Hansen
Paisley Hansen
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