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I Tried PYM Original Mood Chews & Here's What Happened

Nathalia Ramos
by Nathalia Ramos 14 days ago in wellness

Are They Too Good To Be True?

We’ve all seen advertising for a product that seems just too good to be true. We’re skeptical, but despite our doubts we really hope it works.

To be honest, those were my initial thoughts when I came across PYM Mood Chews. Can a gummy really enhance your mood? What even goes into these? I looked into it a bit more and learned that these gummies are completely natural, they’re non-GMO, gluten free, and have no added sugar. Ok, so they’re safe, that’s good to know. But can it actually do something for me?

Anyone who knows me knows I’m generally in a good mood. I wake up feeling energized and excited to start the day. So, were Mood Chews even necessary for someone like me? What I quickly discovered was these little chews are way more than just a gummy and here’s why.

It all started when I got my PYM gummies in the most adorable packaging. It’s a small metal container, like a mint box, with instructions and cute reminders like, “Be Present, Be You, Be OK.” Of course, at first glance, these were just words. That was until I tried my first gummy. I popped one in my mouth while simultaneously filling my dog’s water bowl and reading the instructions. Take two chews and chew for 20 seconds. Oh, great, I already messed up - I ate it too fast! I didn’t even take a breath, let alone chew for 20 seconds. So, I tried again. This time, I chewed while counting down…. 1 Mississippi, 2 mississ…. With every second, my mind was racing – 20 seconds is a long time. I thought, how is this gummy going to last this long? Should I slow down my chewing? It was in that moment that it dawned on me how quickly I move in life. Was I really unable to give myself 20 seconds to enjoy the moment and “Be Present, Be [Me], [and] Be OK?”

Like I said, I wake up feeling energized and ready to start the day, but when I started to look deeper some issues came to light. The truth is, before the sun even comes up, I’m already moving at a mile a minute. I pride myself on my multitasking skills - before I finish one task, I’m already thinking about the next several. But is this really the healthiest way to live my life?

I’ve tried meditating... many times, but I always end up planning the day ahead in my mind.

Each night as I fall asleep I’m thinking about if I have enough ingredients to blend a smoothie after I take Zion on a walk before my meeting and after my morning phone call. I find this bedtime planning oddly satisfying. But is it sustainable? How long until I burn out from constantly thinking about what’s next? When was the last time I really sat down for a meal and actually chewed, savored, and enjoyed each bite without scrolling through emails or sifting through the 40 tabs open on my computer while logged onto a call? And yes, of course I mute myself when I take a bite.

This why, for me, PYM Mood Chews are more than just a gummy.

They’re a reminder to me to let myself slow down. Pausing for 20 seconds to chew a gummy is the simplest thing in the world, but at the beginning it was so foreign to me.

The next day, I was better prepared. True to form, I made a ritual for the process – I sat down, took some deep breaths, chewed the gummies…slowly… savoring them and being fully present, being me, and being OK.

It’s amazing how such a small change made me feel more prepared for the day than I usually am. As I kept up with my ritual, I noticed my whole attitude shift. Since PYM Mood Chews, I’ve had an extra pep in my step. I had no idea how tense my body was until I allowed it to fully relax. I didn’t even acknowledge the moments of anxiousness I experienced throughout the day, even for seemingly stupid things, like getting too many emails at once or publicly speaking – I always get anxious to the point that my hands start shaking and my heart starts racing. As crazy as that sounds in retrospect, public speaking is the most common fear in the world – people fear it more than death !) Soooo, my trembles must be totally fine, right? Who cares?? It was easy for me to ignore.

But then last week when I had to speak to a large audience for a live webinar, I took PYM 20 minutes before and it was like magic. Those physical reactions I’d experienced for so many years completely disappeared. I was relaxed, clear headed, and confident. I didn’t stumble over a single word – not because I rehearsed the content, but because I actually slowed down and gave myself space to think.

I know many people very close to me that struggle with their mental health. I am incredibly fortunate that I haven’t experienced the depths of those challenges and I commend so many people who talk openly about their personal struggles, because every voice helps to break the stigma. But in today’s fast paced, unpredictable, digital world, every one of us are susceptible to different levels of anxiety and stress. Although we may not realize it, our minds and bodies do.

While technology has brought us together, it has also made us more disconnected from the natural world, other human beings, and ourselves. We need to find ways to reconnect. For me, it’s starting my day with PYM gummies and a few deep breaths to center me. Now, I take more deep breaths and I go on more walks. I spend more time away from my phone and more time taking in my surroundings. I can honestly say that I feel less anxious and more centered in my work life and personal life. I am grateful that there are companies like PYM who contribute to the important conversation about mental health and breaking the stigma surrounding it. When opening up about his own mental struggles, Co-Founder & CEO of PYM, Zak Williams, said it was his mission to help you feel like yourself again, naturally. Do yourself, or a friend, a favor by trying PYM Mood Chews and learn how to Prepare Your Mind.

Nathalia Ramos
Nathalia Ramos
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