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5 Ways to Make Mindful Moves

How To Mindfully Manage Your Attention

By Topacio MarreroPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

In our society everything moves incredibly fast and it's no different with the time we are given. There are so many of us grinding, trying to pack in as much from our To Do list as possible. At times, we feel like we are either running in circles or on fumes. It's easy to feel burned out and stressed all around. Our tendency is to keep it moving, no matter how burnt out we feel. We still have to work, accomplish those goals, raise our kids, get our studying in, and spend quality time with our loved ones.

So the infamous question is, "What can we do to better manage our time?" After asking myself this question almost daily over the past seven years, I came up with this. We need to shift our relationship with what it is we call "Time." We have been programmed to think that we can control time, that we can manage it. The reality is we cannot. The only thing we can manage and control is our attention. We can choose what it is we give our attention to and for how long.

Here are some tips on how we can better manage our attention:

1. Take deep breaths.

Whenever you are feeling tired, anxious, or stressed take deep breaths. Breathing deeply and slowly gives your nerves time to relax. Due to the increased amount of oxygen, the major parts of your nervous system (the brain, nerves and spinal cord) will become well-nourished. Furthermore, deep breathing has been shown to increase the brain's release of dopamine (pleasure neuro-chemical), thereby giving you a better mood.

2. Prioritize.

There is nothing worse than having had the time to accomplish something important and having missed the opportunity to do so. Create a list digitally or on paper of the things that are of importance to you. This could be a family activity, business meeting, deadline, etc. Next to each item categorize it as "A," "B," or "C,"; "A" being of higher importance and "C" being of lesser importance.

3. Value your time.

Be aware of the things that are taking up most of your time. Simply ask yourself, "Is this taking away or adding value to my time?"

4. Unplug & be present.

Unplugging is when you silence and put away your phone. Unplugging is turning off the laptop, television, and any other device that will distract you from being present. This is vital when you are in the presence of others. There is nothing more dope and mindful than giving someone your undivided attention.

5. Be in gratitude.

When you are grinding and hustling, it's easy to nag and complain about your current situation. There will always be that one thing that you didn't get to do or achieve. But by taking a moment to reflect and look back at all that you have already achieved, there is room for gratitude. Don't just look ahead at all the steps that you have not yet taken, but look back and see how far you have come!


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Topacio Marrero

Afro- Dominican + Mother + Writer + Researcher who Focuses on Mindfulness for Everyday Living and Identity.

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