5 Tips for Good Sex, According to Science

Having sex can improve your mood and comes from numerous health benefits.

5 Tips for Good Sex, According to Science
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Sex is an essential part of most people's lives, whether they're regularly active or want to be active more often. Having sex can improve your mood and comes numerous health benefits. Not to mention that it's just fun, if you're doing it right. We all want to believe we bring our A-game and leave our partner with weak knees, but unfortunately that's not always the case. Science to the rescue! According to recent studies, here are some foolproof ways to always hit your mark when it comes to your sex life.

1. Dirty Talk

Talking dirty to your partner can improve your sex life in spades. According to Psychology Today, if you introduce a small, sexy phrase into your conversations during the day it leads to better sex. For some, the idea of talking dirty outside of your bedroom seems a bit daunting and uncomfortable. If this is the case, take it slow. Try talking about sex first. For example, what turns you on. It has been proven that couples who talk about sex are much happier with their sex life overall. It has also been proven that women are not against talking dirty but are more likely to engage in these types of activities when they have a sexual partner who they feel is open and honest.

2. Hardcore Cuddles

Even though some people claim they hate to be held or hugged one should not underestimate the power of a good cuddle. The science of touch suggests that cuddling, spooning, and just laying skin to skin can really change your partner's views on their sex life and overall relationship. According to the study, one of the most common reasons people take part in sex is to feel closer to their partner, regardless of gender. Regular touching increases everyone's sexual satisfaction.

3. Hard Work

No matter who you are, sex is hard work and takes effort, but these labors are often rewarded. Scientific studies have proven that partners need to be motivated to fulfill each other’s sexual needs. Couples who developed this strength were more satisfied with their sex lives than those who didn’t. When couples were asked what types of things they would do to satisfy a lover, many answered having sex when they were not in the mood or in certain positions. It is important to note that if a partner is overindulging the other to the point of ignoring their own needs neither one benefits. Make sure your health and needs are taken care of as well, whether it is reading up on an Erectin Review to help with your erection or being straightforward about what feels good and what doesn't.

4. Context is Everything

Depending on what type of day you had, you may not be so inclined for a hug or physical intimacy. For example, if your partner is acting playful and touches you on your back, you guys may be in for a heck of a night. But if you had a rough day at work and he does the same thing, you may want to punch him. Dr. Emily Nagoski suggests that partners think of the best sex they ever had and what about the situation made it so unforgettable. What was happening in your relationship at the time? What did you do? How did you feel about it? Making sure each of you is ready to embrace a good encounter all depends on the mood and perspective. Again, communication is everything.

5. Giving and Receiving

It is important to be a giver when it comes to having an amazing sex life. Take the extra effort to find out what turns your loved one on. Go the extra mile, really dive into what works for them and what doesn’t. Random acts of kindness are also a great way to show your partner that you care outside the bedroom as well. According to science, philanthropic people are very desirable, and who doesn’t love presents?

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