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5 Shocking Health Benefits of Meditation

The infamous act of meditation and its benefits

By Abdul Rehman JavaidPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
5 Shocking Health Benefits of Meditation
Photo by Ravi Pinisetti on Unsplash

Meditation is one of the most underrated exercises that one can do to improve mental health and overall performance. Our brain is always constantly thinking so bringing it to a halt and connecting with God or even just sitting blank for a while helps you become more aware of the present moment.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the act of being calm and at peace, keeping your mind blank- not thinking anything, for a specific period of time. It has different types, of course, with some being religious in which one connects directly to God forgetting about all worldly worries and the noise of the surroundings.

Practising meditation daily for even a span of 5-10 minutes can have many health benefits such as improving your focus, attention span and mean health overall.

Improves Focus

It increases your focus as you practice “not thinking anything” while meditating. It builds a habit of controlling unnecessary thoughts as you try to just be present in the moment. This greatly improves your attention span allowing you to focus on one thing at a time.

Improving your focus not just helps you in being more aware of the moment and thus enjoy the “little things”, it even makes you more productive as you can control your thoughts while working on a project, homework etc, overall improving your performance in real life.

Improves Mental Health

Having mental health issues is not just your problem, “nearly 1/5th of the American population face mental health issues” according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Meditation helps in countering negative thoughts such as anger, fear, anxiety etc. These thoughts deplete your mental health as you are surrounded by negative feelings.

By meditating you let go of all these emotions for a while, being calm. The peace brought about reduces levels of stress and thus improves your mental health. Improving mental health has a direct impact on your overall performance during the day, making you more productive and efficient all day long.

Improves Sleep

Living in this digital era, most people at some point in their life face issues related to inadequate sleep. One of the biggest contributing reasons is the lack of peace. While meditating, your body relaxes and is at leisure. Also, the fact that you learn how to control unwanted thoughts, your mind gets to escape from the hassle during the day, eventually leading to better sleep.

Boosts Immune System

You don’t want to get sick, do you? Most of us have already tried different remedies to boost our immune system with the results being null. Recent studies have found a direct correlation between meditation with our immune system.

Though it’s still a bit debatable, it’s found that meditation helps your immune system perform better as it creates a positive environment within. Since our immune system reacts to both positive and negative thoughts, getting positive thoughts caused by mediation, leads to overall better health.

Improves Skin

Do you also follow tedious skin care routines daily just to keep your skin hydrated? Well, it’s found that meditation reduces your body’s responsiveness to stress and since the overall stress itself is reduced, it helps improve one’s skin.

It also helps in delivering oxygen to the skin which reduces disorders in the skin, slows down ageing, reduces wrinkles, fights acne and overall improves the complexion of the skin, making it plump and smooth.


The practice of meditation for a beginner might be difficult at the start and one finds himself struggling through the entire 10-minute exercise. Your thoughts might dwindle here and there for a while but don’t give up just yet. Trust the process, remain consistent and give this new exercise a shot and see the humongous benefits yourself.


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