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4 Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy During Quarantine

For those who need inspiration, here are four ways to stay happy and healthy during quarantine.

By Kari OakleyPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Quarantine has become the new normal for nearly the entire world. Despite the restriction's wide reach, it's easy to feel alone and downtrodden. In order to make it through this period unscathed, it's important to retain a healthy and positive lifestyle. This may seem impossible, but a few changes can have a substantial effect. For those who need inspiration, here are four ways to stay happy and healthy during quarantine.

1. Stay Energized

The last thing you want to do during quarantine is become a coach potato. In order to combat the depressive tendencies that come with sloth-like behavior, try to stay energized. If your diet usually consists of fast food and freezer meals, try making a change. Eating fresh produce can give you massive amounts of energy. Your bodily functions may work better as well. Another way to gain energy is to change your sleep schedule. Since a lot of people are working from home, you've likely had to make a new schedule. Try training your body to sleep earlier and wake up sooner. You'll probably be full of vitality for a longer period of time. If your body refuses to wake up, try searching "what is thrive" or ask about other products that heighten energy.

2. Make a Schedule

Keeping busy is an essential way to avoid depression or something similar. If you have nothing to do, which is likely the case, change that. Think of activities that you enjoy or ones that will further your personal goals. Decide on what you should accomplish daily and weekly. This could be anything from exercises to creative endeavors. Based on this brainstorm session, create a detailed schedule for your week. You should certainly schedule periods of free time, but giving yourself the ability to watch Netflix all day is a recipe for disaster. Once you have a purpose for getting up in the morning, you'll have a better chance of staying positive.

3. Keep Communicating

While you shouldn't get near people outside of your household, try not to let yourself become a hermit. If you weren't especially into social media, calling or texting previously, try to engage in these activities more often. Reach out to the friends and family members you enjoy speaking with. An even better way to maintain communication is through video messaging. By using this software, you can see your friends despite the distance between you. Human connection is crucial for a healthy mindset, so make this step a priority.

4. Be Physically Active

Physical activity is an effective way to combat mental issues. For one, it's difficult to think during an exhaustive exercise. You may find yourself in an unhealthy mental spiral if you're left to think alone for too long. Distracting yourself by moving is an excellent way to combat this, particularly if you have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Physical activity also raises the level of endorphins in your body. Endorphins create a sense of well-being, so this is highly effective. Lastly, exercise gives you a sense of purpose. It feels powerful to move with an intention. Finding power in your life is currently difficult, so taking control over your body is a worthy effort.

The light at the end of the tunnel may be dim, but it's there. Don't lose hope and allow yourself to fall into a depression. Attempt to find meaning in this period of unrest so you can exit the tunnel feeling accomplished. This doesn't necessarily mean that you must invent the lightbulb. Even if meaning equates to practicing daily activities, finding it and staying positive is essential. Try to follow these steps and keep your eyes on the future.


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Kari Oakley

Kari Oakley is a fitness trainer from Kenosha Wisconsin. She now lives in downtown Chicago, and loves to get out. She is a big fan of anything adventure, and loves getting a workout in the outdoors.

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