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12 Saffron Side Effects + Toxicity Dosage

by kohan rishe 5 months ago in health
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Saffron Side Effects List

Saffron side effects are a list of probable reactions that can occur after using saffron. We have a rule in medicinal herbs and that is, herbs are good for us until we use them in a balanced way. This is not saffron-related only and everything can follow this rule.

We have a list of probable saffron side effects that can occur for you after using saffron and naturally, this doesn't mean that using saffron leads to whole or some of these side effects. Perhaps you using saffron more than your body's capacity and nothing happened.

let's talk about this problem and solve it once forever. Who? when? and how to use saffron to avoid its side effects?

Saffron Side Effects List

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Anxiety
  3. Agitation
  4. Drowsiness
  5. Low mood
  6. Sweating
  7. Nausea or vomiting
  8. Constipation or diarrhea
  9. Change in appetite
  10. Flushing
  11. Headache
  12. Allergic reactions in some people

Some of these saffron side effects are its benefits for some of us and we can look at them differently. For example, change in appetite, this properties of saffron can help us to weight loss. Saffron for weight loss is a proven term and many weight-loss drugs are produced by this method.

Saffron is a powerful stimulant and can boost your energy significantly, but maybe this doesn't be ideal for someone and like to be relaxed. That is why some people classify exciting signs of saffron in the saffron side effects group.

When are we involved in these side effects?

In this case, we have 2 models reactions.

  1. When we have a background
  2. When we use more than enough saffron

Imagine you are involving a systemic disease and any stimulant factor can change your mood and create one of the items in the list above. In this case, saffron doesn't have a direct effect on your health and a combination of your health mood and saffron features create this condition.

Also, we can use saffron more than enough and consequently involve its side effects. the safe saffron dosage that we can use is 3gr per month and if we use more than this dosage probably we face some of these side effects in the long run.

Did you pay attention to what we said? these saffron side effects mostly occur in long run using and rarely do we see acute saffron side effects.

who should not use saffron?

we can mention to types of people:

  • Pregnant women
  • People who have been directly banned by their doctor

If you are out of these groups, you can use saffron and enjoy it. Of course, we should be careful about the saffron use dosage limit and don't ignore it.

saffron side effects on the face

There is some evidence that shows excessive consumption of saffron can lead to changing skin color, although this side effect of saffron looks natural and transient. Saffron has lots of coloring agents and the most important of them is crocin, it can have a direct effect on our skin and especially our face.

Of course, this effect of saffron can be included in saffron benefits, and some of the people in Asia use saffron for its color and they like saffron for its features. If you go to market, probably face with saffron soap which is produced for this target.

can saffron kill you?

In short, Not directly and only.

But, as we say, saffron can have side effects for us in some cases and one of them is having the underlying disease. When you have an underlying disease you should care about your food and lifestyle and you should see your doctor help you specially.

Saffron as like the other medicine has 2 faces. On one hand, it acts as a savior angel, and on the other hand, it is angry. It depends on us how to use it, but don't scare and use saffron to 1g per month without any side effects, and if you are certain about your body capacity use to 3g per month.

Does saffron lead to drowsiness?

One of saffron's benefits for health is improving sleep quality. Most people suffer from a sleep disorder and saffron can help them to have a good and deep sleep. Our society suffers from the chronic daily stress that has robbed us of sleep, we should sleep to survive and saffron can help us.

We can use saffron milk, saffron tea or any other saffron drinks one hour before sleep and have a good sleep. By drinking saffron, you probably will not wake up during the night and you will sleep without disturbance.

saffron toxicity and LD50

One of the best ways for determining saffron toxicity dosage does test on animals and in this case, scientists use if mice and rats. This method first administrates a high dosage of saffron on rats and then they monitor all organs signals for 2 weeks.

The finding of this research show that saffron threads (stigma) LD50 1.6g per kg and saffron petal LD50 dosage was 6g per kg and after IP exposure and LD50 value of saffron was 4120 ± 556 mg/kg after oral administration in BALB/c mice.

Acute toxicity of crocin: It has been found that oral administration of 3 g/kg crocin within 2 days in mice did not cause mortality

Also, you can read this article for more information: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Is saffron safe to take daily?

In short, yes.

You can use saffron daily and in the recommended dosage. The recommended dosage for saffron is 1 to 3g saffron per month and if you use more than 3g per month in long term probably you will face some saffron side effects.

What is the best saffron product we can use?

In short, Unprocessed saffron.

We know there are lots of counterfeit saffron in the market and naturally, the best and low-risk type of saffron is the unprocessed type. Another type of saffron can have additional material and this isn't good for our health.

So, try to buy saffron from the farm and in a safe place.

source: Kohan Rishe


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kohan rishe

Reference for education and researches related to the saffron industry and cooperation in the development and growth of saffron businesses.

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