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10 Pleasant ways to relieve your brain and reduce stress levels

Typical behavior of a modern person: I worked, and during the break I listened to a useful podcast, watched a movie or a TV series, read a book or an article.

By Elena Sunshine MagazinePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

I came home tired after work, ate and again for the series/book/podcast.

"Is it bad?” — you may ask “ " because I relax so much! And in general, switching activities is also a rest”

Because our brain is not able to rest while you load something into it. The brain needs a break from any information! And a respite for the brain is not new, but different information, but the complete absence of it. At least an hour a day (in addition to sleep time).

It is during such periods, when you do not upload anything to your brain, that you assimilate and analyze the information received. It just seems to you that you are not doing anything. And while you are walking in silence, looking at the surrounding landscapes, your brain is still working! Sorts and analyzes, sorts and analyzes.

Why stop? And why should the brain rest?


To reduce your stress level! And then at first we arrange an information overload for ourselves, and then we wonder — why do we have so much stress in our life?

So, to give the brain a break? Here are a few ways:

1.When you're driving, don't listen to anything. Especially useful podcasts, news and other information noise. In extreme cases, you can listen to music. Preferably without voice accompaniment (so that there are absolutely no words, especially foreign ones, in your head).

2.When you are preparing a meal, focus on the food. It will be both tastier and healthier for the brain. And the food will not burn.

3.Allocate at least 1 hour a day for some activities that do not require active brain activity. For example, yoga. Yoga is especially good, where it is necessary to focus on the balance of the body — then the mind will have no time!


These are step aerobics classes or high-intensity workouts with a combination of a large number of exercises. That is, everything will work where you need to switch to the body. Yes, running is also a good thing, but while you are running, you will not change your mind on the way. Although, running and walking are definitely better than watching TV.

If you manage to "get" your thoughts into the body while running and walking and carefully monitor your feelings, as well as notice what you are passing or running, then this is also great. This is how you switch from analyzing and obtaining information to the present moment. And there is no new information in it — which is what we need.

4.It's trite, but I can't help but remind you: do meditation. Any form of it! If you want, sit to the sounds of mantras, classical music. If you want, scan the body or concentrate on breathing. If you want, imagine something under the voice of the presenter. If you want, listen to the silence . But the main thing is to start moving in this direction. The absence of thoughts is the best unloading for the brain, and meditation in any of its manifestations is an ideal tool for this.

5.Allow yourself to do nothing for at least an hour a week. This is normal! You can look out the window, sit and slowly drink tea, knit. But try it! Start with at least 15 minutes a week. I am sure that after some time you will like it.


6.Cleaning (without a podcast in your ears) is a great way to unload the brain. By the way, this is why many people do not like cleaning and prefer to sit in social networks or in front of the TV. It's just that when you clean up, you automatically get into your thoughts, and you don't always like them. It's not always pleasant to face yourself. If this is the case, then this is one of the degrees of anxiety, so you will have to work with it as well. But this is another topic.

7.Long lying in the bath is also welcome. Such as when you just feel the heat from the water, the tickling from the bursting foam bubbles, hear the dripping tap, the neighbors ' conversations and even the beating of your heart. How long have you been doing this? Did you not lie in the bathroom with a book or a smart podcast, but rested to the fullest?


8.Get into bodily sensations by any means! After all, nature has given you a body that can feel so much! Warmth from the sun, raindrops on the skin, wind in the hair, hot tea in the hands, a contrasting shower, the softness of a sweater, melting chocolate in the mouth, bubbles from champagne, a gentle body cream. Enjoy it all! After all, you are so lost in your thoughts that you don't even notice any of this anymore!

9.Stop reading at lunch. Yes, reading a lot is fashionable and smart, but find another time for this. At the same time, you will feel the taste of the food for which you paid or for which you spent half an hour cooking. And then they were cooking, anticipating (if they didn't listen to the podcast at that time, it's over), and then — there is no more food. But they didn't notice how they ate it. After all, your brains were in a book, not in a plate.


10.It's great to have periodic digital detoxes: a time when you are disconnected from any information coming from outside. You can try to arrange a digital detox at home.

Here are such simple, but such pleasant ways to unload your brain and reduce stress levels. And what ways do you have?

© 2021 Elena Petrova


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