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How to Bring Your True Desires to Reality

When your physical body, mind, emotions, and life energies are harmonized towards a common goal, your desires manifest effortlessly, without needing to lift a finger.

By Chelsi.DPublished 23 days ago 7 min read
Let go of negative energy within yourself

Even without taking any action, you can manifest your desires by aligning these four dimensions in a single direction and maintaining unwavering focus in that direction for a specific period. Now, you may believe that Shiva will make it happen for you. However, is Shiva going to come and construct your house? No, it's important to realize that God will not intervene directly. What has not occurred on this planet until now can happen tomorrow. Human beings have the capability to bring about this change.

Everything that exists on this planet, created by human beings, originates first in our minds. All the human accomplishments and creations you see around you began as thoughts in the mind before being brought into the physical world. Whether it is the remarkable achievements or the negative actions on this planet, they all stem from the human mind. Therefore, if we are concerned about the impact of our creations in this world, it is crucial to focus on creating the right thoughts in our minds. The state of our minds plays a vital role in shaping the world around us. If we lack the ability to control our minds, our creations in the world will be random and unpredictable. Mastering the art of shaping our minds according to our desires is fundamental to creating the world we envision.

There is a fascinating tale in yogic tradition about a man who went for a walk one day. He strolled for a long time and, unknowingly, found himself in paradise. How fortunate he was! Simply by taking a walk, he ended up in paradise. Feeling a bit tired after his long walk, he thought, "Oh, I am tired and wish I could rest somewhere." Looking around, he noticed a beautiful tree with cushiony grass underneath it. Feeling enticed, he lay down there and fell asleep. After a few hours, he woke up feeling well-rested and realized he was hungry. Instantly, all the delicious foods he had ever desired appeared before him as he thought about them. In such a place, there is no need to ask for service. The hungry man was served food, which he happily ate until his stomach was full. Then, he wished for something to drink. Thinking about all the beverages he had ever wanted, they materialized before him

Charles Darwin once stated, "All of you were monkeys, your tail fell away?" It highlights Darwin's assertion that humans evolved from monkeys, shedding their tails in the process. In yoga philosophy, an unsteady mind is often likened to a monkey and referred to as "markata" in Sanskrit.

The reason we liken the mind to a monkey is due to the qualities often associated with monkeys. One notable trait of a monkey is its tendency for unnecessary movement. Additionally, the term "monkeying someone" implies imitation, linking monkeys and imitation as synonymous concepts. These fundamental monkey characteristics closely mirror those of an unsteady mind. The mind's propensity for unnecessary movement, a trait that can be taught to a monkey, and its inclination towards imitation, which occupies the mind full-time, are key features that define an unestablished mind. When a mind exhibits these qualities, it is likened to a monkey. In the story, the man's inner monkey became active, leading him to question the supernatural occurrences around him. His thoughts manifested into reality, as he conjured ghosts to appear. Fearing the ghosts' intentions, he believed they would harm him, leading to his distress and eventual demise. Despite initially considering himself fortunate, his uncontrolled mind ultimately led to his downfall. He encountered a Kalpavriksha, also known as a wishing tree. His requests for food, drink, ghosts, torture, and death were all fulfilled by the tree. However, it is advised not to seek out these mythical trees in the forest.

In today's world, finding a tree is a rare occurrence. A mind that is well-established and in a state of samyukti is likened to a Kalpavriksha, or a wishing tree. When you align your mind to a specific level of organization, it influences the entire system. Your body, emotions, and energies all align in that direction. When your physical body, mind, emotions, and life energies are harmonized towards a common goal, your desires manifest effortlessly, without needing to lift a finger. While taking action can support this process, simply aligning these four dimensions and maintaining unwavering focus in that direction for a specific duration can bring your wishes to fruition.

Currently, the challenge lies in the ever-changing nature of your mind. Imagine wanting to travel somewhere, but with every two steps, your direction shifts. In such a scenario, the likelihood of reaching your destination is slim, unless by chance. Therefore, aligning your mind and subsequently harmonizing the entire system and the four fundamental dimensions of your being towards a singular goal is essential. By achieving this alignment, you embody the concept of a Kalpavriksha, where your wishes effortlessly come to fruition. Reflect on your past desires – if everything you have wished for were to manifest today, could you truly handle it all? Once empowered in this manner, it is crucial to regulate and channel your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic actions effectively. Failure to do so may lead to destructive or self-destructive outcomes.

Now, let's consider the scenario where you aspire to build a house. If you begin thinking, "I want to build a house, but I only have $50 in my pocket, and I need $50,000. It seems impossible", the moment you label it as "impossible," you are essentially stating, "I do not desire it." While you may have a desire to acquire something on one level, on another level, you are negating that desire. This internal conflict can hinder the manifestation of your goal. Faith tends to be effective for individuals who possess a simple and unwavering belief in a higher power, be it a deity or a sacred place. However, for analytical individuals who engage in excessive contemplation, faith may not yield the same results.

If you desire life to unfold according to your wishes, the fundamental essence of your happiness and well-being lies in this: Your unhappiness stems solely from life not aligning with your expectations. If you find yourself discontent, it is because life is not unfolding as you believe it should. Conversely, if life unfolds in alignment with your expectations, you experience happiness. It is as straightforward as that. To manifest the life you envision, the quality of your thoughts, the intensity of your focus, the stability of your mindset, and the resonance of your thought process are pivotal. These factors determine whether your thoughts materialize into reality or remain mere fleeting notions. Additionally, refraining from obstructing your thoughts with negative thinking patterns is crucial. The notion of "possibility versus impossibility" is detrimental to humanity and undermines our potential.

It is not your concern to determine what is possible or impossible; that is nature's domain. Your responsibility is simply to pursue what you desire. Consider this: If I were to ask you two straightforward questions right now, I want you to reflect on them. Currently, as you are seated, can you take flight? The answer is likely no. However, can you stand up and walk? The response is probably yes. What influences these answers? Your past life experiences. You have frequently stood up and walked, but you have never taken flight. Essentially, you are using past experiences to determine what is feasible or unattainable. By doing so, you are essentially concluding that what has not occurred in the past will not transpire in your future. This mindset is a disservice to humanity and the human spirit.

Identify your true desires and pursue them with unwavering focus, ensuring your thoughts are free from negativity and distractions that may diminish their power. Clarity is key - understanding your deepest desires is essential before embarking on the journey to manifest them. Ultimately, every individual seeks joy, peace, loving relationships, and a sense of well-being. Whether it manifests as health, peace, joy, love, or bliss, the pursuit of inner and outer pleasantness is at the core of human aspirations.

Regardless of whether you are heading to your office for work, aiming to earn money, establish a career, or start a family, whether you are seated in a bar or in a temple, your underlying quest remains consistent - seeking inner peace and harmony in your surroundings. If this is the reality we wish to manifest, it is crucial that we directly address this aspiration and fully dedicate ourselves to its realization. Do you aspire to embody a serene, joyful, and compassionate persona - a harmonious individual on all fronts? Do you also envision a world characterized by peace, love, and joy? Some may respond, "No, I desire greenery, I desire sustenance." However, when we speak of a joyful world, it encompasses the fulfillment of all your desires. Therefore, this is the ultimate pursuit - to commit wholeheartedly to creating a tranquil, blissful, and affectionate world, both for oneself and for all those around us.

If you begin each morning with the simple intention that "Today, wherever I go, I will create a peaceful, loving, and joyful world," even if you stumble a hundred times throughout the day, it holds no significance. For a dedicated individual, failure does not exist. Each fall presents an opportunity to learn a hundred valuable lessons. By committing yourself to manifesting your true desires, your mind becomes structured. An organized mind influences your emotions, aligning them with your thoughts. When your thoughts and emotions are in harmony, your energies also synchronize in the same direction. With your thoughts, emotions, and energies unified, your physical body follows suit. When all these elements are aligned towards a common goal, your ability to create and materialize your aspirations becomes extraordinary. You possess the essence of a creator within you, as the source of creation operates within you at every moment of your existence.

It all boils down to this: Have you maintained access to that dimension? By aligning the four fundamental aspects of your life, you can achieve this access. Various tools and technologies are available to assist you in this process. The entire discipline of yoga, often referred to as a technology, revolves around this concept - shifting from merely being a creation to embodying the essence of a creator.

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