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How does power commander v autotune work?

by Ella Brown 2 months ago in product review
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Power commander v Autotune Kit

About Dynojet Power Commander V Autotune

No Matter what modification you have made or where you ride, the autotune Module is the accessory that makes it all work. You no longer have to do the math and have the kind of riding performance you can brag about. Once upon installation, the Dynojet Power Commander V Autotune Kit measures the air/fuel ratio and sends this information to the Power Commander V to automatically adjust as you ride, allowing you to feel the changes as they happen. With every map we offer, we have preset air/fuel ratio target values that we find to be the best overall setting. Plugging in the unit will take care of everything for you.

My Autotune is not working, How do I know?

Using your Power Commander, plugging it into a computer, and reviewing the trim table(s) is the easiest way to determine if the AutoTune works. A cell with a value other than zero indicates AutoTune is operating. AutoTune will not work if the table is all zeros.

Description of Some Power Commander V AutoTune Error Messages

  • No Connection: ECM is Working/Responding
  • AE: A acceleration enrichment table is being used by the ECM
  • ET:! There is a problem reading the engine temperature.
  • ET:H There is too much heat in the engine.
  • ET:L It is too cold in the engine.
  • MAP:L An incorrect map sensor reading is indicated (normally a deceleration). Map <20 KPA.
  • NBF:! There is a problem with the OEM narrowband sensor (front)..
  • NBF:O An open loop narrow band sensor (front) manufactured by the OEM.
  • NBR:! The OEM narrowband sensor (rear) is not working right now.
  • NBR:O An open loop occuring in the OEM narrowband sensor (rear).
  • RPM:! It does not appear that the engine speed is being read.
  • RPM:H The engine speed is very fast.
  • RPM:L The engine speed is very slow.
  • VE:! Condition changes too fast or moves between VE table cells.
  • Warm-up: The ECM still uses the warm-up table.
  • WBF: ! Broadband O2 sensor (front) not ready.
  • WBF:H Broadband O2 sensor (front) too high (above lambda 1.22). This is usually the case during severe deceleration.
  • WBF:L Broadband O2 sensor (front) too low (less than lambda 0.68). This is usually the case during warm-ups.
  • WBR: ! Broadband O2 sensor (rear) not ready.
  • WBR:H Broadband O2 sensor (rear) too high (above lambda 1.22). This is usually the case during severe deceleration.
  • WBR:L Broadband O2 sensor (rear) too low (less than lambda 0.68). This is usually the case during warm-ups.

How to clear all Trims In AutoTune?

To clear all AutoTune trim values ​​from the trim table, follow the directions below:

  • Select Map Tools
  • Select AutoTune Tables
  • Select Clear All Trims

AutoTune Running Light is Active

The AutoTune run light in the software will only illuminate when all parameters of the AutoTune function are applicable.

  • The indicator light on the AutoTune module is solid red.
  • Canned cables and terminal plugs installed.
  • The required runtime (if enabled) is out of date.
  • The desired engine temperature (if enabled) has been exceeded.
  • AutoTune switch, when turned on, the switch is in the correct position.
  • The engine operates at a speed and throttle position with significant digits in the target AFR table.
  • Real-time AFR readings are between 11.5 and 16.0. When all of these parameters are met, the AutoTune Running light should illuminate.

Which sensor is used in the broadband kit?

In every broadband kit we sell (Wideband 2, AutoTune, Wideband CX, Target Tune, Dynoware RT) we use the same Bosch Lamda Sensor LSU 4.2 part number 48292001. Included is information on the sensor from Bosch.

I hope this information is useful for you.

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