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Intermittent Fasting for Rapid Weigh loss

Where Is The Truth?

By Elhassan ErrezzakiPublished 30 days ago 4 min read

Start writing...Intermittent Fasting is extremely popular worldwide. It turns out to be an effective way to lose weight. With intermittent fasting you alternate short periods of eating with periods of fasting to effectively lose weight.

Many Hollywood stars and fitness gurus are super excited about intermittent fasting. I get it! You will lose a lot of weight in a short time and you will not have to change much in your diet. How is that possible and how do you do that?

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern in which eating is alternated with (a period of) fasting. It says nothing at all about the type of food you can eat. So it has nothing to do with a diet. But what does it say anything about? About when you can eat.

Fasting; deprive yourself of food

Sounds difficult and not fun. Still, it's quite easy. When you start intermittent fasting, realize that you have already started. During the hours you sleep, your body is already fasting, because you don't eat anything. This makes expanding the hours you fast less difficult.

What should you do?

How does intermittent fasting work? Fortunately, you can easily apply it to your daily life. You do not have to prepare special dishes or take into account all kinds of foods that you are not allowed to eat. You can just keep eating what you are used to eating.

The only difference is the time frame in which you eat. Normally you would eat throughout the day, but with intermittent fasting you eat within the time frame of 6-8 hours. Because of this time frame in which you can eat normally, the feeling of hunger is nil. Unless you choose a schedule where you don't eat one day a week.

Surprisingly, your body gets used to this quickly. People indicate that they feel more energetic and feel better when they fast for a period of time every now and then.


Can you drink with intermediate fasting? Eating is not allowed during the hours of fasting. Drinking, of course. You can choose from coffee, tea, water and drinks without calories.

It is also important to know that you can swallow nutritional supplements . Provided they contain no calories.

Why should you fast?

For most people, it is to lose weight or to detoxify your body. Is that needed? Yes, more about this later. Now first this.

Top 4 reasons for fasting

4. Pure necessity . Fasting has been around for thousands of years. There were times when food was in short supply and so fasting was the only option.

3. Religion . Islam, Buddhism and Christianity all have some form of fasting. Every religion has its own rules. But the central goal is the same: the purification of body and mind.

2.Health .​ Fasting has proven to be healthy for you. Hormones and important cellular processes adapt. This will cause insulin levels and blood sugar levels to drop. While, for example, growth hormone increases.

In other words, detoxing. As for the last two reasons. Fasting is therefore also called detoxing in the health sector. Fasting rids the body of waste products. And that produces more energy as a result.

In addition to all these results from studies, intermittent fasting is also easy. You don't have to plan special meals for it. That means spending less time in the kitchen. So more time for other things and working on your health at the same time. Ideal, right?

Can you lose weight with intermittent fasting?

Fasting diet is a fast way to lose weight. By eating in a shorter time frame, you consume less fat and calories. In addition, fasting can increase your metabolism. This means your metabolism is even higher at times when you are doing nothing at all!

Intermittent fasting if you have difficulty losing weight

Do you eat healthy, but find it difficult to lose weight? Then fasting can help you and it can even be very effective.

The idea behind this is as follows: to process food, your body releases insulin. If you eat throughout the day, your body has to continuously release insulin. At a certain point, the cells in your body can become insensitive to this and your insulin level is out of balance. This can cause you to lose weight poorly.

Is intermittent fasting healthy?

The science is quite positive about the benefits for your health. Eating less and delaying meals are effective ways to improve diseases and combat the signs of aging.

Periods of fasting, they say, have great benefits for your health. When your body is not taking in energy, it taps into other metabolic fuel sources.

The biggest advantage of skipping meals or not eating for longer is that your body has the rest to recover. Your liver can perform its task of detoxification well and the gastrointestinal tract has time for a major cleaning.

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