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How I Built My Website and Landed a Client in 24 Hours

Turn your website into a client magnet - even if you’re just starting out.

By Cilian MurphyPublished about a month ago 3 min read
How I Built My Website and Landed a Client in 24 Hours
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To be honest, creating a personal brand from the ground up seems a little intimidating. Although you have a wealth of knowledge to impart, how can you actually get others to listen to you?

And maybe, just maybe, turn that knowledge into a way to pay the bills? That was my dilemma just last month. I was ready to level up, but I felt stuck.

Then it hit me: a website!

I figured, why not package up what I know in a neat online space? It could help me teach others and, fingers crossed, attract some clients who need my skills.

Wix to the Rescue

Now, I have experimented with WordPress websites in the past, primarily for projects involving blogs. But I heard Wix was the king of user-friendliness.

Plus, everyone says it’s way more affordable than WordPress. Since budget was a concern, I decided to give it a shot.

It turns out the hype is real!

Wix is incredibly intuitive.

There are templates (if you want a head start), tons of design options, and this thing called the App Market, where you can add all sorts of extra features.

It felt way less intimidating than WordPress, and honestly, that gave me a big confidence boost when tackling this website project.

Building for Business

My website wasn’t about sharing cute cat photos (though that’s important too!). It had to work for me.

That meant two key things:

Stellar Portfolio: I needed a space to really showcase what I can do. Clean design, easy to navigate, and packed with my best projects to impress potential clients.

Blog for the Win: I added a blog as a way to draw in traffic organically. Articles, tutorials, insights — stuff that’d be helpful for people in my field and, just maybe, make them think, “Hmm, I should hire this person!”

I’m not going to lie; it took about a week to get everything perfect.

Client Alert!

Here’s where things get crazy.

I hit publish on the site and figured I’d worry about promotion later. Three hours — that’s it! An email pops into my inbox: someone found me through my website, loved my style, and wanted to talk business.

The Secret Ingredient: SEO

Alright, coincidence? Nope.

The reason my site got noticed so fast is SEO — Search Engine Optimization.

I spent a whole day geeking out, tweaking every page so Google would look my way. I used free tools, watched some YouTube tutorials, and it paid off big time!

Now for a lot of people out there wondering where to get started and all that, worry not! If you have not taken any step at all and you would love to, Just go on youtube and watch some beginner videos.

It would really help you a lot. Next, figure out the purpose for the website and how you want it to impact people and solve a major problem. Think adequately as there is a lot of competition out there. Do your research and make yours unique.

I got a client in 24 hours and that was purely Luck. A lot of people have to wait for months or even weeks before landing their first client. I did not do anything special and obviously I am still a newbie that just started out. Go on youtube like I said and just start watching videos about things you do nt understand. Start from the basics and use AI or google to search and better understand anything that seems confusing to you.

Watch the same process from different videos and follow the steps that seem the best to you. if you find it hard assimilating the processes, just slow down the video and get your information.

You would have to pay for some services but the method previously mentioned in this video would be the most budget friendly. Start out today and do not worry if you do not get your first client early. They will come eventually. Everything takes time.

Thanks for reading.

Support will be greatly appreciated. Even a dollar tip would go a long way. Thank you.

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