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Different Types of Roof Washing Services in USA

Here is a list of various types of roof washing services.

By Emily TaylorPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

A roof infested with ugly streaks, dirt, algae, and other such organic things can drastically shorten the life of your home if left untreated. Cleaning the roof is essential for stabilizing the overall structure of your home, keeping you in comfort, and decreasing the needs of roof-repairing. Using the inappropriate cleaning techniques such as improper equipment or the wrong amount of pressure may lead to damage to your roof.

So, getting help with the reliable roof pressure washing service is necessary to ensure the roof does not get damaged while cleaning.

Here is a list of various types of roof washing services:

1. Bleach Roof Cleaning Service with Eco-friendly Products

Cleaning a roof with chlorine, phosphate or bleach may diminish the color of your roof. With that said, several roof-washing companies in USA offer the rooftop cleaning service with eco-friendly products that don’t contain toxic contamination. Such type of process is known as eco-friendly washing and it is done using a low-pressure cleaning with no use of the brush. Using this service, a cleaning company can effectively eliminate algae, moss, and other such things without damaging the color of the roof-top.

2. Hand Scrapping and Brushing Service

Another great roof washing service in USA is done by hand scraping and brushing the rooftop. In this process, the cleaners wash the tiles and remove all the dirt build-ups on the roof using a scraper tool or a rigid brush. This service works best for those rooftops, on which removing algae is required for only functional purposes.

3. High-Pressure Power Roof Washing Service

As the name suggests, this process involves cleaning the roof with hot or cold water by using a high-pressure. It is mainly used for cleaning ceramic tiles and works best for metal roofs. Several roof cleaning companies are offering high pressure roof washing service at very affordable costs. Pressure washing service, if not done correctly may also lead to damage to the paint, wood, or vinyl of your roof. Also, it doesn’t completely wipe out the build-ups and organic materials form the roof with the chances of damaging the shingles. So, while choosing a cleaning partner for your roof, you must opt for the expert roof pressure washing service to avoid any damage to your roof-top.

4. Soft Washing Service

It’s a highly recommended roof washing service in USA that works best for washing asphalt shingles and other types of dirty roofs. In this process, cleaners spread the environment-friendly cleaning agent on the roof-top and leave it for several minutes. They, then using low pressure safely clean your rooftop to avoid any damage to your roof covering. In soft washing system, cleaners often pre-sweep the roof-top to remove debris, dirt, bird-dropping, and more before washing it with cleaning surfactants.

Get Ready to Breath a Soul into Your Roof

In USA, several roof washing service providers are offering their trained cleaners who are experts in cleaning various types of roofs. Do you want to refresh your roof-top to increase its life and give a brighter and clean look to your home? Hire a professional roof pressure washing company and schedule an appointment to pressure wash your roof and revitalize it.


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