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10 Things That YOU Can Donate that YOU did not Know!

Give back to your community at the most giving time of the year with these 10 household items!

By Marina RadovanovicPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Giving back to Loving Hands Kingston

This month of December (aka. The most giving time of the year), I realized how easy, convenient, and affordable it is to give back to your community.

Every month, my business HeroHub hosts a charitable initiative for local charitable organizations. In the month of December, we donated our office space to 3 Christmas initiatives for an organization called Loving Hands Kingston, and also sponsored 3 Shelter Residents for their Secret Santa Event.

Yes, my business was getting involved. However, I wanted to personally give back, and share my time and creative skills to someone in need of it. So, I created 3 posters for the Loving Hands Christmas Initiatives. My 3 posters, which only took 1 hour out of my busy day, got shared around the Kingston Community and drove more awareness to the Christmas initiatives. As we were filling a whole trunk full of donations, Loving Hands expressed to us, "More people in the Kingston Community were receptive to giving back this Christmas Season".

It's a simple equation:

1 hour of work + 3 posters = more donations & community awareness. This equation inspired me to write my article, and express the fact that anyone can give back.

Many people associate the word “donation” with a monetary value. In fact, a charitable donation includes both monetary, and material (in-kind) donations, which are equally as important and appreciated by your local charity. Statistics Canada proves that on average, 82% of women, and 70% of men donate material goods to charitable or non-profit organizations annually.

Why not save yourself some money as a donor, and donate your new or gently used household items? There are many items lying around your house, that you probably didn’t know you can donate to charitable organizations or non-profit organizations in your area. In this article, I aim to share 10 items that will help you make a difference in your community! So go ahead and start your donation collection, A local charity or non-profit organization will be honoured to take your stuff!

1. Gift Cards

Have you ever received a gift card that you may not ever use, or has been sitting in your wallet for months? Gift cards are a great way to contribute to your giving goal and can match any charitable/non-profit organization's designated cause.

2. Car

Believe it or not, donating the proceeds of your old car is very helpful for charitable or non-profit organizations in your community. In fact, 98% of vehicles are recycled and can possibly provide enough steel to produce 13 million new vehicles annually. Recycle your old car to be environmentally friendly, to help a local organization, and to get it out of your way!

3. Laptop

Make yourself feel good by donating your old laptop to a local charitable or non-profit organization. There’s nothing worse than tossing an old laptop in the trash, causing unwanted e-waste and environmental hazards. A local charitable or non-profit organization would be pleased to use it towards their own administrative purposes or gift it to a family in need.

4. Old Cellphone

We all have our old phones hanging around the house because really, we don’t know what to do with it. Sadly, an enormous amount of e-waste is generated every year and is hazardous to our environment. In fact, any old cell phone that is still chargeable still has the ability to call 911. So donate your old phone, because your old device still can be put to good use!

5. Furniture

As we all know, it’s hard to part with our old furniture. Many memories are made in your man-cave, watching sports on your long-lived lazy boy. Many organizations have a dedicated cause to helping families that don’t have the money to buy new furniture. So why not donate it to someone else (if it’s in decent condition, of course)?

6. Sports Gear

Are you retired from your favourite sport? Or have you outgrown your favourite pair of skates? The cost of brand new sporting equipment is rising due to the new technology and savvy materials manufactured into them. Additionally, sporting equipment is a luxury for most families, in which your average family in Canada cannot afford. Sporting equipment is also a part of safety, and one missed item can possibly lead to injuries. Be mindful when giving away your old sporting gear because a charitable or non-profit organization will make a child's dream of playing sports come true.

7. Tools

Looking to make some room in your garage? There are many charitable or non-profit organizations that are willing to take your unwanted hand tools, power tools, or machinery. Power tools are usually battery-powered, and when tossed away improperly, can be hazardous to our environment. If it’s still functioning, donate it!

8. Craft Materials

Looking to get rid of some old craft supplies? Donate them to a good cause! Many charitable or non-profit organizations like children’s hospitals and after-school programs can put your old craft supplies to good use.

9. Old Appliances

As we know, appliances are hard to dispose of. You cannot just toss your old appliance away in the trash, as most appliances have toxins that are non-acceptable in our regular disposal routine. Churches, Re-stores, and donation centres will be glad to accept your old appliances.

10. Books

Spread the spirit of reading by donating your old books. No matter if it’s an educational textbook, children's book, or novel, your local children's foundation, shelter, or thrift store will be willing to accept your old books as a donation!

Giving wholeheartedly definitely translates to personal happiness. Additionally, most material donations are considered for tax receipts, and most charitable or non-profit organizations also have a pick-up service for larger material donations so there's no hassle for you! Be mindful before tossing away any material item in your house, as many household items can be donated and be put to good use! Be creative with it, and make an organization happy!

Find where to donate these items by accessing our material donation tool at


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