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5 Ways that Volunteering can Help YOU Land your First Job

Get involved.. it will land you a job!

By Marina RadovanovicPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

When it was my second year of high school, I was finally of age in Canada to start making my own money and to start thinking about where to apply for my first job. During this process, I was genuinely confused. I asked myself the age-old ironic question, “How am I going to land my first job when I don’t have any work experience?”

I had a hard time transferring my small skillset into what would potentially make me money. As I was building my resume, the ONLY experience on my resume was my volunteer experience coaching hockey and soccer for various local teams. These experiences was something, at the time, that I was truly passionate about and loved to do. These experiences did end up helping me on my journey to seek work. These skills taught me how to become coachable, and how to organically learn the skills needed to land my first job.. as a soccer referee.

When you’re looking to land your first job, consider volunteer work as a catalyst to your success. According to Huffington Post, One in five business professionals said they have hired someone because of their charitable and volunteer work.

Be proactive and learn the skills you need to be hired for your first gig through giving back to your community! Listed below are five ways that volunteering can help you land your first job.

1. Fill out Your Resume

Everyone has to start somewhere. When you’re looking to apply for your first job, it may be discouraging at the fact that your resume may look.. Well, blank. Why not volunteer, or get involved in the community to fill in those gaps on your resume. It will look good on you as a newcomer to the workforce, and the one hiring you will be surely impressed with your community involvement.

2. Generate New Skills

No matter what age you can always learn new skills. The great thing about volunteering is that there is many causes that can match with your interests. Why not generate the skills you need through volunteering, so you are ready to apply to the industry of your wishes. Even if it is your first job, you still want to enjoy your work!

3. Build Your Network

Getting your name out there is key, especially if you’re new to the workforce. When you volunteer, you meet a group of like-minded people. Additionally, you can also gain one of your first references on your resume.

4. Find Your Passion

If you love what you’re doing, and you’re passionate with what you’re doing, there’s no doubt that it will lead you to good things. If you find a cause that you’re passionate about, there’s more chances that you will stay volunteering with that organization. Due to the skills you learn, and people you meet when volunteering, there’s more chances you will land a job in the field that your passionate about, maybe even at the place you're volunteering at!

5. Learn to be Trainable

Not everyone likes to get told what to do. Some volunteering roles have training involved, just like if you were to be hired for your first job. The ability to be trainable is definitely crucial to your first job, and definitely sheds a light on your personality, and if you are the right fit for the company. Practice the skills you need while volunteering, and learn to be a trainable person. Take notes, learn, and show who you really are, so it can transpire when you’re training for a paid role!

Now apply to your first job or your dream job with your organic volunteering experiences, and see the benefits of volunteering and your community involvement first-hand!

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