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What Is It Like To Have No Dis-Stress?

Understanding Stress Is Significantly More Difficult And Simpler Than You Realize

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 2 months ago 4 min read

When I noticed in my work that the LARGEST workplace problem was Burnout, I knew I needed to understand it better.

I HAD to understand it both for my clients, as well as myself.

See, Burnout is impacting 80% of Employees.

Burnout itself is simply an extreme form of Dis-Stress that has gone on for SO long that the body literally shuts down.

In the "best" cases, we just need a bit of Recovery, and in the worst cases, Burnout can lead to serious Health problems, even Death.

Learning about Stress, Dis-Stress (Bad Stress), Eu-Stress (Good Stress), and Burnout has taken me down some fascinating Rabbit Holes in understanding Human Psychophysiology.

Truly, if you wanted to understand as much as you could about all of this, you would need to go down some INTENSE fields of Research.

Neurology, Psychology, Physiology, Reflexology, Neurocardiology, and Neurogastroenterology just to name some of the "higher levels" of information.

I could spend 24 hours teaching each of these subjects and how they interact with Stress, and I still would BARELY be touching the surface of what there is to understand.

I know because I've spent 5 years trying to wrap my head around all of these different subjects to understand them better.

To say how all of these interplay with each other is "Complicated" would be an EXTREME Understatement.

However, if you are looking for Results in getting OUT of Burnout, Reducing your Dis-Stress, and attaining more Eu-Stress (needed for Flow States) then there is great news!

You don't need to understand ALL of this to attain Results.

I know from my personal life this is True.

I average less than 50 minutes per day in Dis-Stress (which I can track through my WHOOP Band, which I Affiliate for because I LOVE their product).

I have also had multiple days where my Band informs me that I have had ZERO minutes of Dis-Stress.

That includes my working with Teams with over 300 Employees, and driving over 90 minutes on one of the Top 5 most dangerous highways in the US! (The I-35 for those wondering)

How can I accomplish this?

Well, there are a few general things you must understand that help tremendously.

The first is that you must understand that All Stress Adds.

There is no such thing as "Work Stress" versus "Home Stress".

All Stress is Stress, and when Added Up can easily become Dis-Stress.

Even things that are generally considered Eu-Stress and Positive, such as Working Out or going on a Diet, can become Dis-Stress if you have too many other Stressors in your Life.

Part of the Reason that most people are Burnt Out is that they have too many Stressors all happening at once.

If you simply Remove some of those Stressors, life becomes better.

Some Stressors we don't necessarily "see" or "think" about Regularly, such as Food or Air Quality, but even just starting with the ones you DO think about most often can go a LONG way.

The next thing to understand is the concept of the Halo Effect.

See, in Habit Building, there is this fascinating Phenomenon that when we purposefully Focus on Improving one aspect of our life (via Improved Habits), we tend to Naturally Improve other parts of our Lives.

The Reason?

We do it "in service" of the Habit we are Focused on.

A classic example is that when people are Focused on Improving their Musculature/Fitness, they also tend to drink more water and eat better food.

They usually aren't "Focused" on the water and food, but they still Improve BECAUSE they want Improved Musculature/Fitness.

The Halo Effect often Impacts a wide array of our lives without us even realizing it, but it starts with ACTION toward something.

The Final thing to understand is that you don't need to try to understand ANY of these aspects of Dis-Stress on your own!

You can get help from other people who "do" have a better understanding of whatever it is you are trying to Improve and reduce your Stressors in.

There are people, like me, who have done ludicrous amounts of research and practice to understand what you can do in your life to have the greatest Impact in lowering your Dis-Stress.

They can also help you see other Avenues or Obstacles you may be missing, and additional or supplemental aspects to further Improve your Results.

The thing that most people don't realize is that we are not Designed to be Independent.

Rather, we need to be Interdependent, where we rely on the Strengths of Others to Supplement our Weaknesses, so that we can continue to use our own Strengths.

If this is an area that you are not Strong in, find someone who IS.

We ALL need outside help in our lives, including myself, and there is no shame in seeking help from those who understand this area best.

The only reason I know SO much about these different things is BECAUSE I sought out (and continue to seek) SO MANY Experts.

If you are Sick from Dis-Stress (As EVERYONE in Burnout is), then find those who understand.

If you do these things - Understand All Stress Adds, Improve Habits around Stressors and Unlock the Halo Effect, and Seek Help - then you may find yourself without Dis-Stress as well.

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  • L.C. Schäfer2 months ago

    I suck at asking for help. "Just ask for help" sounds like such a small thing, but you could probably do a piece on just on the psychology of that alone.

  • I struggle with asking for help for anything at all. Not because I wanna be independent but because in the past, I've been faced with rejection so many times so I feel it's just better to do everything on my own rather than ask for help.

  • Daphsam2 months ago

    Thanks for very helpful insight on this.

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