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This one for you little wolf

A love letter to myself

By Hridya SharmaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Dear Self,

This is for you. I have seen you cry, see you beg for people to stay, to see your worth, to love you the way you love them. At the end of all of it I have seen you doubting yourself and sobbing tears for someone who isn't even worth a minute to think about. You have always put others first and this is lead to you hating yourself and doubting the potential you have and the journey you have stridden upon.

Nobody has loved you the way you love others. But you deserve the love you so freely give to others. You are capable and worthy of achieving your wildest dreams. Of being happy at peace and the best version of yourself. You will be everything you desire to be. But let me tell you this you are not behind. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are smart, you are kind, you are the most talented and sassy person I know.

I remember the girl you used to be, the girl who thought you couldn't make it . You don't need to earn money xyz at your age to be worthy. You are worthy . You are more worthy than you hold yourself accountable for. Millions of people dream of the reality you have worked for themselves to be. The only person you need to make happy is the younger version of you and the future version of you. And the little Hridya is so so proud of you. She is the only one you need to make happy and she is so proud of you today. You are living the dream life of your younger version and don't you dare let anyone else let you doubt yourself and make you feel smaller about yourself.

But do we ever sit by and wonder if our achievements or acquiring a large sum of money make us truly sanguine? Is it the accomplishment of a certain entity that drives our joy and sorrow, or is it the internal perception of what our core centers around?

We are often so engrossed in chasing the life we want that we forget about the life we live. The reality that we live in was one of the dreams that we beheld beyond imagination a while ago. Life is a non-linear journey that brings us experiences when they are meant to be. Sometimes there are certain moments that dwell within our soul. They forge us into believing that the future holds the same shadows that would loom over the existence of our soul as the past crept over us. But what we do not realise is that life is never black and white; it evolves in shades of grey. It is okay if there is a wound that takes time to heal; remember to feel it through and have faith in the universe.

The only way to heal is to not scrape the wound that aches the soul. Sometimes you have to let go to let yourself live. So all you need to know and understand is stop caring about what they think to say about you and stop caring about the people who want to put you down and doubt you and your worth. Don't compare yourself to anyone because nobody has been through what you have been through . Let now be your time. To be the best version of yourself. Be in your lane, be your best friend, be your own measuring stick and do not care of what anyone is doing in their life.

Its your life, live it your way and leave the knowing of the world.

Let the energy be inward.

Let this be your best year for you only you.


Your highest believer

Hridya Sharma

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