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The Cost Of Missing The Pattern

Both In Life And Business

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 4 months ago 3 min read

My first passion in life, from what I can remember, was helping people.

Thinking around this, I started college thinking that I would go into a Counseling Psychology career.

Unfortunately, the college I went to didn't actually have that as an option, but instead had Clinical Psychology - a great field that I wasn't interested in.

So, I made the "brilliant" decision to go into a Business Degree with a minor in Accounting...

I'm sure you can see the very "obvious" transition into helping people... (Those were dark times when I made that decision).

Now, I discovered that Accounting also wasn't for me when I started my career - again, a great field that I wasn't personally interested in.

However, I also discovered that the reason WHY I got into Accounting was something that would continue to help me in my career.

See, I didn't get into Accounting because of my feelings about Math.

Trust me, I kind of hate Math even though I'm pretty decent at it.

No, what I enjoyed about Accounting was how it was like a Pattern.

You would look at the "books", and find the Patterns within them.

Some Patterns indicated things were good.

Other Patterns indicated things were HORRIBLY wrong and needed to be fixed.

Understanding the Patterns was something I found incredibly fun.

It was just the work environment around "Accounting" that I didn't personally enjoy.

Since then, I have found that the ability to see Patterns is an incredibly useful skill.

I use this ability with my clients.

The Patterns give me insights into their Psychophysiology.

I use this ability with Teams and Organizations.

The Patterns allow me to see where breakdowns are occurring and what needs to be fixed.

I use this ability when looking at the Leadership Industry.

It is what led me to the discovery of WHY Leadership Development is a flawed industry, completely FAILING 80% of the time, and why I no longer do it.

I also use this ability when I dive deeply into Scientific Research Papers.

It reveals when research makes sense and is truly valuable.

It also reveals when research is flawed, purposefully skewed, and should be considered marketing, as opposed to true Science.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of marketing and flawed research in "Science".

In all of these aspects of life, I see the importance of finding Patterns.

I also see what commonly happens when we fail to see the Patterns.

Almost every problem I see is some form of failure in recognizing a Pattern.

In business, failure to see the Patterns often leads to broken communication, silos, and exacerbated frustration.

Over time, failure to see the Patterns will lead to the end of the business.

Sometimes, it is incredibly slow, but it eventually happens.

As they say, you fail so slowly that you don't notice it.

Most Health problems appear to come from similar failures in seeing the Patterns.

We are more diseased than we have ever been in history, and the research is showing there are only a few culprits that have slowly been causing the problems.

The Patterns are revealing them.

Problems in our lives tend to be a Failure to see the underlying Patterns that exist.

Whether it is the Patterns of our thoughts, the Patterns of how we Eat, the Patterns of what we avoid, or any number of other Patterns.

The failure to see these Patterns lead to things like Anxiety, Depression, Obesity, and so many more.

In many ways, regardless of where you are looking, failure to see the Patterns leads to one thing.


Death of a business.

Death of our Health.

Death of our Wellbeing.

Or even our own physical Death.

This is the reality.

Failing to see the Patterns leads to the Death of something.

What are the Patterns in your life?

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)4 months ago

    Excellent and well said ♥️✌️📝😉👍💯

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