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Waiting For My Last To Publish

By Z-ManPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Let's see how much space I can fill up with unadulterated nonsense.

The tree and frog both share a log, but antelopes don't follow.

Madness sways both to and fro, so give me a break, and get along.

Words are pressing and pedantic, now let me look up that definition. Franticly.

I'm just going to forget I offered, forwarded the suggestion to make it look like I am not talking out of my @$$ right as of now.

You know, as sure as the Moon shadows London, talking like this isn't as easy as the final product may suggest. Maybe I shouldn't be getting paid for any of this after all.

I know it sounds wack. Don't blame me. Blame my imagination. My imagination made me do it!!

Round tables and wooden floors. Round doors and wooden objects. Wooden people, with wooden heads, now those are my kind of people. Put the dle and kin in kindle. I'm going to light myself on fire.

No, not literally. Or figuratively. Or figuratively. Or--

Okay, so I must confess, I am at a loss to see this is completely original. Here I am thinking I could pave new ground. It's like tearing up old paint really. Quick, someone cover me up.

I think I'll go back to what I do (*laughs*) best. I'll start talking with a little more cents now.

* * *

Now that we've gotten that out of the way (I don't know how much closer I could get to the 600 word minimum that way, it really is not that easy, outside of spending the next hour plowing through it), I will talk about something of actual value:

I think I'm going nuts here.

Not really.

* * * . . .

Now, I'm not going to say anything...but...

* . * . * .

I've got bubkis for money until Friday, which is manageable, sort of.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to my first paycheck. I couldn't get unemployment because I didn't put in enough of an effort to stay with my past employer, despite the obvious internal machinations of said employment being--well, not so fantastic. Miss my friends. Don't miss the struggle.

The new fulfillment job is going real well, if I'm not speaking through a rose-colored filter here. I get to be around beautiful women through the day, and people who may be reserved but are helpful and friendly. Annoying to get asked questions by customers when I'm out on the floor, but all friendly, respectful people thus far, so it's all good.

I really feel that my life has been improving since I began to wade through the restrictions of loss and unanswerable desires. My family has really helped me out these past few months, and so I am not completely suffering or anything like that. But it has been, in its way, a wonderful transition of being and behavior.

Where am I going from here? Well, for starters, I am going to do what I can to get my book crafted day by day, and to really buckle down and save a buck or two here and there, and not worry about, say, only having $200 set aside by years end. It really doesn't help that I calculate it whenever I begin on such a venture, lmao. It's a crutch, such a means of operating. Lol.

I'm still in the market for a gym job, for the experience and free membership. However, I suppose I will ultimately need to get the membership alone and deal with getting myself over there on a semi-daily basis. It would be an opportunity to meet people, which I am on course to at my current, seasonal spot.

I ultimately need to get myself in a position to have my own place again, and to be on my "own" for the remainder of my days. I hate to say it, but even if it takes a year of playing it save-fe and forsaking the calls of the ego which will detriment my means' to success and fulfillment.

Only time will tell where I end up by that time (a year from now). I'll either be in the same sort of position--a ways ahead of it--or far beyond its hawk-like reach.

Only time will tell.

Only baboons and quadripeds will know.

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Hello all! I am an aspiring vocalist, filmmaker + writer. I hope you gain something personal + inspiring from my work here. You are also welcome to subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Ad-Libbing With The Zman.

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