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amber portwood (of tmOG) fiance gary wayt has gone missing

By Tania PangiaPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Amber Portwood of MTV's Teen Mom og, got engaged to her fiance Gary Wayt a few weeks ago. Amber and Gary were recently in North carolina celebrating her brothers wedding, when she and Gary got into an altercation. After this altercation Gary reportedly grabbed his keys and wallet left the location he and Amber were staying. As of 06/09/2024 police in the area of Bryson city NC have been involved in this case, and Gary is offically listed as a missing person. In a recent interview with Elle Belle, Amber is quoted as saying "when he left, he didn't even take his phone, there's video of him at walgreens since the report has been made" as of now I'm unsure if police have been informed of this, or are even aware of this. As we all know Amber's history with arrests and involvement with police in her life, I'm well aware, as I'm sure you all are, that in the past her altercations have been known to get physical, that doesn't necissarily mean that's what happened in this case.

All that being said, please keep in mind if you do see Gary Wayt pleas inform police as he is currently a reported missing person, and according to TMZ if you see him or have any information "Cops say anyone with information on Gary's whereabouts is encouraged to call 828-488-2196." (this is from TMZ which is why I put it in quotes because it is not my original words.) Gary is recorded as being 6'1 225 pounds driving a large grey SUV with Indiana state license plate.

All this is coming after the recent clip from the newest episode of MTV's Teen Mom Next Chapter, in which Amber is shown showing pictures of Gary to her daughter Leah, her ex Gary, and Leah's step mother Kristina.

Just like you, I'm finding all this information out in real time, and I'm unsure how Amber's doing at this point.

Again you've got information then call the number listed above, and lets not make speculations as to what happened that led to Gary walking out and going missing, because as we all can imagine this is stressful for Gary's whole family. I know tons of people are making their assumptions and speculations. and Amber aside, just focus on keeping Gary and his family in prayer, thoughts, or positive vibes.

Amber met Gary on a dating app in 2023 and got engaged 3 weeks ago.

Amber as you know got her start on MTV's 16 And Pregnant and had her daughter Leah, who in the most recent clip from Teen Mom Next Chapter Leah has turned 15, and we see Amber showing pictures of Gary around to which Leah replies "as long as your happy" which set something off in Amber that caused her to reply "don't be a d*ck" and seemed to cause her to lash out and make Leah cry and ask Kristina if she could go to the bathroom with her, and made Gary apologize to Leah for the disruption on her 15th birthday.

As of now not much is known about Gary Wayt and Amber Portwoods relationship other than whats been reported here and on other sites such as TMZ and Entertainment Weekly for example. All of us are watching all unravel in real time and learning together.

I will be posting regular updates as we learn more information about this and again I encourage you to report anything you know to police if you do happen to find Gary "Cops say anyone with information on Gary's whereabouts is encouraged to call 828-488-2196." (this again is from TMZ)

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