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Sunshine Smiles and the Lost Welsh Martial Art of Llap Goch

A Seven Days In Excavation

By Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛Published about a month ago • 3 min read
From Monty Python's Big Red Bok


For some reason, this continually appears in my top ten blog posts. As it keeps appearing I've decided to share it on Vocal and I wondering if it will get any traction or not. Sometimes these shares get a few reads, sometimes hundreds.

So my thinking is that if it keeps getting picked up by SEO metadata, maybe the same will happen if I drop it into a Vocal story. I am not an SEO expert by any means but these two stories got a lot of hits last week and I am not sure why:

The article itself is nothing special apart from the observations drawn from the Llap Goch advertisement on the use of the phrase "up to" which can include the value zero. You see a lot of that in sales where they will offer "up to 50% off". Things like that should be a definite value, not a nebulous mostly unspecified value.

The song I included is excellent, and coincidentally I mowed my lawn today after my "No-Mow May" and surprisingly it was not too difficult.

Seven Days In does keep throwing up articles and ideas, but I keep expecting it to run dry, but as yet it is still giving up the odd piece of interest.

Sunshine Smiles and the Lost Welsh Martial Art of Llap Goch

Well I am very hot and sweaty, I bet you really wanted to know that. This morning I have cut down a leafy bush to fit in the brown bin (I actually cut it last week), mowed the lawn, and put up a shelf that fell off a wall months ago, well I think I have, those rawlplugs weren't working so I hope the no more nails strips will hold.

They say up to 3Kg each strip but we all know the phrase "up to" includes the number zero. (They didn't stay up so that was not much use)

I got that from the Llap Goch Advertisement in Monty Python's Big Red Book. which I used as the main image for this story (and I know it is blue).

I've also been and bought a rucksack for shopping and walked about 3 miles, so I have had a fairly productive morning.

I still didn't want to get up though, but the fact I have done all this and am writing this blog post is a good sign.

The weather is excellent and there have been a lot of greetings and smiles when I was out, the sun and good weather can bring out the best in people.

The football season has started although for some it will feel as if it never ended, teams complain of too many games and once there is space they organise a tour on the other side of the world or some new made-up cup competition. Newcastle lost their opening Championship encounter with Fulham leaving the bottom of the division much to the delight of Sunderland fans.

I am obviously more concerned with how Preston North End fare against Jaap Staam's Reading.

I thought the Smashing Pumpkin's Today was a sort of appropriate song for today.

But whatever you are doing have a wonderful day today, enjoy the sun and I hope everything goes perfectly for you.


Thank you for reading. I hadn't intended to share this, but as it keeps appearing I thought I better had, otherwise, I would keep thinking that I should share it.

Now that I have, it's out of the way and it won't bother me going forward.

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Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛Written by Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛

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