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Overcoming Motivational Lows For Leaders

Moving Through The Inevitable To Continue To Succeed

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 3 months ago 5 min read

We all hit Motivational Lows in Life.

It is inevitable.

Even if you love what you do!

Even if you are amazing at what you do!

Even if you can consistently get into Flow States!

Eventually, you will hit a point where your Motivation is lacking.

I am feeling it right now.

Why do some people still Succeed at high levels without Motivation, while others drop and lose everything?

Well, a lot of it has to do with understanding Psychophysiology.

The Why

Let's first look at "why" we feel low Motivation.

The top reason we lack Motivation actually has nothing to do with the work itself!

Again, you can lose Motivation on things you love and are great at, even if they often put you into Flow States where you do your best and feel your best!

If the lack of Motivation doesn't have anything to do with the work directly, then what is causing it?


More accurately, it comes from a lack of Magnesium Adenosine Triphosphate (Mg-ATP), aka what our body uses from fuel.

It is quite simple really.

If you lack enough Fuel, you won't feel Motivated.

Your level of Mg-ATP will directly impact how Motivated you feel.

In our world today, there are a plethora of reasons we are low in Mg-ATP.

Bad Nutrition and Farming Practices are very relevant, but there is another more work-related reason.


When we undergo Dis-Stress, our bodies create more exhaust, called Oxidative Stress.

Another way to think about this is to call it Stress Damage!

The more Dis-Stress we feel, the more Oxidative Stress/Stress Damage is created.

The more Oxidative Stress we have in our bodies, the more Dis-Stress we feel.

As this Cycle worsens, we retain less and less Energy until we hit Burnout.

Of course, work factors often also directly impact Dis-Stress.

These include bad Leadership, Stress caused by Neurocardiology, Lack of Resources, and more.

So then the question becomes, how do we combat a Lack of Motivation?

Stress Threshold

The easiest way to work around a Lack of Motivation is to understand the Stress Threshold.

Inherently, "Stress" is a tool.

It is neither "Good" nor "Bad".

Rather, depending on where you are on your Stress Threshold will determine how it applies where you currently are.

On one end of the Threshold, you have "No Stress" or "Lack of Stress".

The other side is "Dis-Stress" or "Bad Stress".

Then, in the Middle, you have "Eu-Stress" or "Good Stress".

Now, the goal should be to move between the Lack of Stress and Eustress, while avoiding Dis-Stress.

If you find yourself without Motivation, you are likely already in Dis-Stress.

So, start by looking for how to remove Stressors.

You'll never eliminate "all" Stress, but you want to get below the Eu-Stress Zone.

Then, when you "add" what you want Motivation for, it should then put you in the Eu-Stress Zone which is where you will feel the highest levels of Motivation!

By removing what Stresses you are able, you can make it easier to have Motivation in Life.


Another key to this puzzle is to get adequate Recovery.

You know how I said Stress creates Exhaust/Damage called Oxidative Stress?

Well, Recovery plays two roles!

The more common one you see is to aid in Lowering Stress, much as was described above.

These types of practices include breathing, meditation, stretching, yoga, HRV training, and similar practices.

They are good but only cover a small piece of what's important in Recovery.

The other role, and the more important type of Recovery, is to remove Oxidative Stress and fix any damage!

This is significantly less common in the Wellness/Wellbeing circles (which is why most of it has no effect in the workplace!)

This includes Sleep and proper Nutrition with an emphasis on Minerals (Especially Copper and Magnesium).

If you are not getting this second type of Recovery, it will be difficult for you to get Motivation on anything because the Exhaust/Damage will continually build up.

Proper Recovery is key to gaining Motivation.


The other piece to this is that Motivation is Created through Consistency and Habit.

Our bodies have a natural desire to take the path of least resistance.

The reason is because of Energy!

As we develop a Habit, the routes in our bodies that Energy takes become improved.

It's kind of like building a Highway.

The more often Energy goes down the same road, the better the body builds that road, and the more efficient energy moves on that same route.

That is what occurs when we create a Habit.

The more consistently we push Energy down the same road, the more efficient the roads become, and the less Energy is required to go down those same roads in the Future.

This means that wherever your Habits are will become the Path of Least Resistance and where you will become more Motivated to go.

When you lack Energy, it will still be easier to go down the well-paved Habit Highways than any backroad.

What you end up discovering is that Motivation is not something you get, it is something that is Developed through Consistent Action.

Putting It All Together In My Life

I don't "feel" Motivated today, but here I am, still Writing an article.

Just as I have done every other day this year.

I have been Developing the "Habit Highway" of "Writing".

It doesn't take a lot of Effort to continue this Habit for me now.

It is the Path of Least Resistance for my Energy.

I also know that I will feel Accomplished as soon as I hit "Publish" which will continue to add new Motivation to continue this Habit.

Consistent Action fuels new Motivation.

When I combine that with getting better Recovery throughout today and tonight, I will likely feel more Motivated tomorrow.

Or perhaps it will take a couple of days of good Recovery, sometimes Motivation is fickle like that.

I know I did not have great Sleep the past 2 nights which is likely why I feel less Motivated today!

When I put these pieces together, however, I know that I can easily overcome this and any Future Motivational Low!

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