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Halloween with The VCC

by The Vocal Creators Chronicle 7 months ago in literature · updated 7 months ago
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Vocal Creators Chronicle Special Edition October 31, 2021

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Hello everyone, Les here.

I don't know about you, but fall flew by faster than bad cake gets devoured at office parties for me. Leaves have departed, snow is falling for some of us northerners and thoughts of...gasp...the red and green holiday season and all it's chaos are on the horizon. But before the next issue, which will fall in November, I wanted to give a proper send off to my favourite holiday. It's just me this time around, though Caroline and James extend warm wishes to everyone as always. Included below are some lists, some fiction, and some fun.

~Stay safe!

(And remember: the calories consumed while testing candy for the kids don't count!)

From VSS Members

Like your bucket of candy, there's no sorting process going on with these selections. The following gems are simply a short list from creators we know and love.

2nd Place Winner in the Graveyard Smash Contest

Kevin Rolly sets the mood for mayhem and mischief with a musical list inside a story. We can see why it took home a prize; it's not only an entertaining read, but the musical choices themselves are eclectic and unique. And for anyone who remembers making mix tapes, he hits record at just the right moment with a summary like this,

"Mix tapes were an art form, demanding patience, skill and a level of thoughtfulness that required fastidious planning. They were both time capsule and soundtrack for a moment in life. Because with cassette tapes, you had ninety minutes divided into two sides and that was it, brother - after that you’re out of time. And that was the beauty."

VSS's Peer Reviewed Runner-Up

Everyone's favourite serialist, Paula Shablo, deserves peer recognition for this entry into the Graveyard Smash contest. Always frank, never dull and ever witty, Paula's writing sets the bar high for us all.

Edgar Allen Poe. Need I Say More?

Jennifer hit a top story with this and it's no surprise. Her writing is particularly well put together. I especially love the quote at the end. I won't spoil it, but that Poe masterpiece has been a longtime favourite of mine—I was thrilled it made it in!

Vocal's Cooking Queen Keeps Life Simple

In case you missed it from last issue, these recipes, while Halloween themed, could easily be reinterpreted for the coming holiday season. As someone whose life is faster than the speed of a witch's cackle these days, I love the suggestion at the end. Colouring on fruit? That I can do!

You'll Remember This the Next Time You Plan a Spa Retreat!

Kevin takes fear to a new level in this piece. It jumps off the page and has you looking over your shoulder. It was hard to narrow down the fiction choices for this issue, but his skillfully crafted, living-nightmare had to be included.

This Rotation's Fab 5 Win from the Horror Community

A longtime Vocal member but recent face on VSS, this piece wowed his peers and earned Joshua Mason a Fab 5 Win (the peer reviewed equivalent of a Vocal Top Story). The ending is what got my vote and I'm sure it will ensnare your attention, too!

The Piece That is Redefining What We Expect From Artistic Music Teachers...

Julie is a beloved member of many Vocal Facebook groups and Vocal itself. When she isn't teaching music, writing poetry or making us laugh with soul-baring confessions, she can usually be found in the comments sections cheering everyone on. Lately, she's needed a little cheer herself, but that's not why we included this. It was a close call for this week's Fab 5. "Behind Blue Eyes" is part sci-fi, part horror and all thrill.

From One of Vocal's Leading Listmakers, Trevor Wells

Trevor is thorough, fair and incredibly unique with his ever-changing scoring system. This review covers a director I'm sure many of you are familiar with, but if you aren't, let Trevor take you through the lesser known gems.

"Between his feature-length debut Hereditary and his 2019 follow-up Midsommar, Ari Aster made an excellent first impression on the horror scene. So for this Halloween, I thought it would be fun to look back at the 8 short films Aster put out prior to taking the cinematic plunge in 2018. Let's see how his shorter length projects compare to the ones that would put his name on the map."

Some Halloween Poetry Because We at VSS Love Our Poets

From Abbey Streett

From Chloe Gilholy

On the Lighter Side

By this point, you may need a lift and Josh Lowe doesn't disappoint. Maybe it's because he lives in the southern hemisphere where Halloween is nearly summer that's he's able to bring such warmth into his work or maybe he's just adorbs, but whatever his secret, he's on our subscribe list. For some 90's Goosebumps nostalgia, check out this other work of Josh's we loved, "Go to Sleep".

We hope you enjoyed the selections. I'm no Caroline when it comes to scouring the archives so I stuck close to home. I did, however, search out something for the grown-ups I hope you'll enjoy:

Lastly, VSS held a spur of the moment challenge to test drive the process for the upcoming Movember blow-out. And the winner is....


Speaking of contests, it's not too late to join the fun with Vocal's Fiction Mega Event: The V+ Fiction Awards.

Then head over to Great Incantations to read-swap, critique and build your network.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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P.S. In case you thought I was exaggerating with talk of snow...this is an image from a few weeks ago from a friend in Tulita, NWT, Canada.


First published October 31, 2021 by The Vocal Creators Chronicle.



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