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Don't Be Too Quick To Judge Your Content

Understanding The Nuance In Content Creation

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 2 months ago 3 min read

We tend to live in a fast-paced world where people look to get Results immediately.

How much weight did I lose yesterday?

How much profit did we make last week?

How many views did my Content get an hour ago?

It seems like we have this unending desire to see how fast Results can occur and immediately judge performance based on that.

But how does this play out with Content Creation specifically?

To be fair, in "some" contexts it is a "technical necessity" when it comes to Content.

For instance, if you primarily post "Instagram Stories", then indeed, you do have to follow a 24-hour cycle with your content simply because that is as long as it lasts.

After that 24 hours, the Content "disappears".

Now, I'm not a fan of the 24-hour lifespan on Content because it really doesn't give your Content enough time to "live".

Plus, what happens when you make an EXCELLENT piece only for your audience to be Focused on other things during those 24 hours?

It disappears - a whisper that no one heard.

However, in most other types of Content, I have found that there are actually 2 major types.

There is the Content that gets Immediate Hits, within a week, which is great.

However, perhaps more important, are the types of Content that have Long Lasting appeal.

I check my Statistics around Content about once per week, just to see general trends.

Over time I've noticed that there is some content that people either come back to or newly discover, week after week after week.

I have noticed that there are some Articles that I have written which have been viewed consistently every week for over a year!

That is right!

A Year!

As long as your Content has a lifespan that lasts, your content may continue to have life, even after you mostly forgot about making it!

Plus, you never know "which" pieces of Content will have that occur.

There has been Content I have created that I thought would be Excellent that hasn't stuck for the long term.

On the other hand, there have been pieces where I really wasn't sure how it would go which have TAKEN OFF and continued to live week after week.

The problem though is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to see these kinds of trends for most people.

It isn't because it is out of their Capabilities to get Results though.

Rather it is because SO many people are Judging their Success or Failure far too quickly.

Most people stick to something to see if it works for a few weeks, and in "some" cases maybe a few months.

However, unless you are paying EXTREME amounts of money to "win" the Social Media Algorithm (and assuming your Content is AMAZING in the eyes of others already), that isn't long enough to see Results.

Then what do people do when they don't see the Results they "Hoped" for (which probably were inflated by Myths of Overnight Success)?

They Quit.

I know they Quit because I'm on a Plethora of Platforms where I consistently WATCH people Quit LONG before they have the Opportunity to see the Fruit of their Labor.

They may be coming out with Spectacular Work, but they give up too soon because they aren't seeing the Results they had "Hoped" for.

With this, when we start doing something, we often "Believe" that we are VASTLY Better than we are in Reality.

However, when we are New at something, we haven't made it "ours" yet.

There is a Learning Curve you MUST go through.

You have to first learn the basics, then become Excellent at them, which then allows you to begin to Experiment and make it "Yours".

But most people Quit before they have even become Excellent at something.

What makes this all extremely sad is when your work gets "discovered" AFTER you Quit.

Someone may magically find your work and go, "Oh, that was great! What else do they have?"

Only to have their Hopes squashed when they discover that you didn't keep going.

When people see that you Quit, they stop going down the Rabbit Hole.

You lost, not because you didn't have "It", but because you didn't go long enough for others to See just how Valuable you were.

So don't give up too Soon.

Don't Judge your Content too Quickly, because it is VERY likely that you just haven't given yourself enough time to Flourish.

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  • L.C. Schäfer2 months ago

    Social media also evolves, so you can feel like you're getting a handle on it... and the landscape changes again, and you're "new", and need to give it time again. 🤔

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