A Survival Guide For Indian Freelance Writers

Has writing always been your passion? are you trying to find a successful career as a contract writer in india? read on...

A Survival Guide For Indian Freelance Writers

This article not only provides invaluable tips for budding freelance writers, but also tackles the subsequent issues:

· The freelance writing market in India

· Branding yourself as a contract writer online

· the way to submit articles to varied publications

· the way to handle rejection

· the way to network with other Indian freelance writers

· Top Freelance writing websites in India

Do you often receive mails from publications saying 'While your article is extremely interesting, we discover that it doesn't slot in with the design and ethos of our magazine...' or 'we have just carried articles on topics almost like yours a short time ago and deeply regret our inability...?'

Do you then listlessly, return to the grueling job of trying to find other publications while seeking, searching and surfing an indifferent marketplace for that one editor who may accept your article and truly pay you for it?

As any freelance writer worth his ink knows, getting established as a respected writer may be a daunting task. As for earning a living from it, nah! (Does anyone make a living from writing alone???) during this dog eat dog world, 'respect' remains forthcoming only thereto writer who draws a daily wage from an accredited newspaper, magazine or tech company and to not the immensely talented freelancer who doesn't have one published article to his credit.

A career in freelance writing isn't a cakewalk

To succeed, a contract writer must swallow his pride, his acute disappointment and keep on knocking doors with renewed energy to seek his protection and support. He must , like Robert Bruce, attempt to try again till he eventually succeeds in catching the imagination of a discerning, wage earning editor who can help get his name up in print, cyber or otherwise. More often than not, this salaried genius of an editor pays him a pittance or not in the least .

Moreover, ideas upon ideas and hour upon hour of creativity can all be junked at the press of an editor's delete button. Being a famous freelance writer could also be your goal, but the trail you want to take is disheartening, to mention the smallest amount . You know, you're good but unfortunately those that control the paying market might not think so and with Lady Luck playing truant once you need her most you're back to playing SCRABBLE together with your other unemployed friends!

But it's not so bad either!

Take heart all you brave freelancers. Things are close to change .In fact they need already changed. The medium alone not dominate any more; the web is like Ali Baba's cave as far as writing jobs are concerned. the great news is there are more publications and websites trying to find writers than ever before. Professionalism combined with payment ethics along side the planet of 'outsourcing' has made 'writing' a highly lucrative career. Work-from-home freelance writers, especially web page writers, are a way wanted tribe lately and before you recognize it, healthy 'respect' may follow too and yes needless to mention the moolah will are available as well!

Become a specialist

Today the demand is permanently 'niche writers'. Restrictive though it's , like everything else, even here, the necessity for specialization is at an all time high. Travel writers, Creative writers, Copywriters, Resume writers, Content writers, Technical writers, Essay writers, you name it, and there's a marketplace for it. If you're slowly ready to , after a couple of initial experiments, carve out a distinct segment for yourself by specializing in anybody such field and you get published (usually without payment first!) you're almost there. Once you manage to sell your ideas, you're home and running.

How to start

Your best bet is to email/call up editors and constantly surf internet for opportunities. Make Search Engines (Google, yahoo) your trusted lieutenants and use them to assist you seek, search and eventually apply to advertised or possible opportunities.

If you discover good websites you'll write for, search for submission guidelines or send your query. a question letter isn't a waste of your time . On a mean three out of each five will elicit some quite a response which will take you forward.

Though it's usual practice in established writing circles to not start writing till an understanding is reached, you the newbie can take no chances. So, till you've got sufficient work, give them what they've asked for, quickly, regardless of the subject, or send them something you've got already written. Odds are that they're going to use it and pay you with a pleasant "Thank you for your submission' letter or not in the least , but if rejected or if you do not hear from them ever again, which is very likely, don't lose heart. Move on. Just keep those articles as ready-reckoner samples for later use. Stockpile them during a folder for the longer term , to be sent on to other editors who may seek samples of your written work.

If they're freelance writing markets, narrow in on the favored ones. subscribe their newsletters. Most of them are free. it'll offer you a good idea of their reliability. Generally avoid people who promise you the moon. search for people who seem sincere. But don't subscribe or buy anything till you're sure of a website's credentials. Also, remember to see out the varied published lists of dishonest and fly-by-night operators often. Soon you'll be ready to sift the wheat from the chaff.

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