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Words With Jade Mia Broadhead

An InterviewTalking Music And The Trans Path

By Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛Published 24 days ago Updated 24 days ago 6 min read
Jade at Hexham Pride, 16th June 2024.


A few weeks ago my friend Juli shared this lovely-looking memory stick EP from Jade:

Seasons EP by Jade Mia Broadhead on the cutest memory stick ever (only £6)

I'm always looking for new art and this seemed perfect. I contacted Jade and we ended up chatting a lot and she agreed to provide me with this wonderful interview.

I am impressed with her solo music and the Dinky Bossetti stuff as well, and this provides a great insight into her journey and her music.

Below are the Bandcamp and YouTube pages for Jade and Dinky Bosetti

What Is Your Preferred Artistic Medium and Why?

I am a singer-songwriter – Jade Mia Broadhead - and also the singer & guitarist of a DIY punk Riot Grrrl band named Dinky Bossetti. The two represent both sides of my nature. The hippy dippy peaceful, love-will-triumph-over-all side of my solo stuff which tends to be mainly acoustic balladry, and the all-out hedonistic, fight-for-your-rights, screaming & shouting side that comes out with my band.

What Inspired You To Do What You Do Initially And Who Or What Inspires You Now?

The first band I ever got into was Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem, the house band from The Muppets! I liked pop music as a child – Tiffany, Five Star, Kylie – but (the wrong) puberty brought out my teenage angst & I got into Guns N’ Roses. Still in my teens, I then discovered the Minneapolis scene of the 1980’s – sadly before my time – with bands like Husker Du, Soul Asylum, Babes In Toyland &, my all-time favourite band, The Replacements. Pop still plays a big part of my life, anything from Rihanna to the Spice Girls, and I love songwriters like Grace Petrie, Damien Rice & Tom Waits. With the band, we’re heavily influenced by Babes In Toyland, Hole, Bikini Kill & the whole Riot Grrrl movement.

Are You Influenced BY Anyone?

The Replacements in particular inspired every aspect of my life for a long period. From drinking to excess – I’m 3 years sober - to fashion sense (or lack of) & general punk ethos. I also take a lot of inspiration from strong women. Rihanna is my queen. I’d say the only billionaire to have gotten to that place without shitting on anybody else! Courtney Love is the ultimate survivor. Carrie Fisher’s willingness to be open about her mental health issues always inspired me. And Laura Jane Grace from the band Against Me! has been such a source of comfort & helped me understand myself so much more than anyone before or since, through her biography & album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues. I met her a couple of years ago at a show in Amsterdam & it was magical. She was every bit as lovely as I’d hoped.

Who Are Your Favourite Artists In Your Sphere?

There is so much wonderful music going on in Newcastle & the North-East. Band wise, Gaydar are doing incredible things. The Hemp Queens are lovely. Doylums are an absolute riot. Snakes With Tits are a joy & Spelk are wonderful. Sarah Candace, Julia Rowe, That Claire, Fiona Liquid & This Little Bird are all solo acts I have a lot of time for. People talk about their not being any decent new music around & it couldn’t be further from the truth. Go to The Globe or Little Buildings on any given night in Newcastle for the price of a pint or two & you’ll discover your new favourite band, I promise you.

What Was The First Piece Of Art That You Made? (At School of After)

My first band was called The Rockin’ B’s, formed by me & my cousins when we were ickle. We only saw each other at holidays & our songs were mostly ‘inspired’ by whatever lyrics were in Smash Hits that week! We had 3 songs that used the same tune, namely the demo song – Billy Joel’s ‘Just The Way You Are’ - on the Casio keyboard we had! We had one true original – the first song I ever wrote – called Sit On The Wall & Think! There was a tape recording at one point & I’d give anything for that to be still in existence! I performed it live for the first & only time at my little cousin’s wedding & got her on stage to sing it with me, haha!

What Are You Most Proud Of?

My song ‘TERF Wars’ was played live on BBC Introducing. To have a song about transphobia played on a largely transphobic network like the BBC felt like I’d kicked down a door, not just for myself but for others too. I never dreamed that could happen to a girl like me. Northumberland Pride – now Pride Action North – also chose the lyrics to my song ‘Jade’ to mark Trans Remembrance Day. That felt incredibly special because that song probably means more to me than any other.

How Do You Feel About Performing Or Showing Your Work In Public?

Prior to coming out as trans & queer, I suffered from incredibly bad stage fright. The performance anxiety was crippling. It was always what I wanted to do, but I would go literally years between performances. The slightest mistake used to kill me. But coming out changed everything. There is no place in the world I would rather be now than on a stage. I liken it to a superhero revealing their true identity. Getting on stage I don my cape & I can take on the world. I still make mistakes, but I just laugh & carry on. There is nowhere I won’t play & this little ride has taken me to some incredible stages & audiences.

What Is Your Worst Artistic Experience?

Dinky has only been gigging for less than a year, but we’d been practicing with our original drummer for 2 years prior to that. I had a lot of illness last year & it resulted in us cancelling our debut full gig at short notice. I was devastated. Thankfully we had another show lined up for 3 days later. I managed to drag myself to Middlesbrough Pride on the Saturday morning for a solo show – the day after breaking up with my boyfriend of 18 months – & then back to Newcastle for Dinky Bossetti at The Globe in the evening. It couldn’t have gone much better. But it was a rough build-up to it & I just felt like I was letting down so many people as the whole show ended up getting pulled.

What Has Been Your Most Fulfilling Moment?

In March this year, Dinky played a show at The Cluny which was a 20-year dream come true. Ever since seeing Tommy Stinson with Jesse Malin there in 2004, I’d aspired to that moment, without thinking it would ever come. We supported the amazing Death Valley Girls & it couldn’t have gone any better. I’ve never felt so happy in my life. Seeing people getting off on our band, dancing in the same place I’d danced on so many occasions getting off to so many bands. There’s no better feeling in the world.

Where Are You Going Next?

I have a bunch of solo shows lined up this summer – including some cracking ones I can’t announce yet! – as I promote my debut solo EP, ‘Seasons.’ Dinky Bossetti have been on a 3-month hiatus as our drummer Chris has been travelling the world which has been super frustrating. I love playing solo, but I’d always prefer to play with the band. We have a come-back show at Trillians in Newcastle on 28th July & then it’s tryna get some shows lined up. Even in 2024, it’s sad that there’s not many promoters willing to take a chance on a mostly trans DIY punk band. As much as I love our EP, I don’t think it’s at all a good representation of where we’re at as we’ve improved dramatically since Chris joined us. And since coming out it’s like I’ve had a new lease of life as a songwriter & am improving all the time. So recording some of our newer material will be a priority. Solo wise I want to record a full album and then there’s the little business of writing a musical! I’ve currently so much bursting out of me. Bring on the world, baby!


Thank you for reading. Jade's words really impressed me, and her music has now been added to my collection, and I hope you have enjoyed her work as much as I am doing.

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  • Ameer Bibi24 days ago

    Seems like as She is a very good artist Bit you are doing a great job to recognise their talent, man

  • She is so inspiring! So happy you shared this!

  • Christy Munson24 days ago

    Will definitely give it a listen. Cheers!

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