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Your Electrical Body's Electrical Nutrition

Good Nutrition for Good Health

By Mortagy RashedPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Your Electrical Body's Electrical Nutrition
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Although there is immense potential in the realm of nutrition to reverse our society's current health crisis and raise our general healthspan, the healthcare sector, as well as food supplement firms, do not comprehend the fundamental causes of disease or the true nature of the human body.

Why would doctors make your body do things it doesn't want to do if they didn't have to? The body is harmed by drugs.

Some "natural" supplements are the same way. Don't get me wrong: in a trauma situation, having a skilled physician to treat you is critical.

However, when it comes to disease prevention and treatment, we've gone completely off the rails. What is the normal treatment for fevers, for example? Is the body functioning properly or not? Most practitioners make the body cool down on its own, disarming the body's natural immune system. Do medications have any effect? Certainly. Do they, however, produce health? No, they don't, and they won't be able to.

Experts, despite their good intentions, take the wrong approach to sickness. Experts in the disciplines of healthcare and nutritional supplementation consider the human body as a physical entity that performs intricate chemical interactions.

They manufacture pharmaceutical medications and health supplements to induce or replicate a specific response in the body based on this physical and chemical understanding. The human body, unfortunately, is neither physical nor chemical; it is electrical.

Chemical processes are required for physical form (e.g., the human body, a table, or a car), yet chemical reactions are not possible without electrical interactions.

As a result, the physical form is incapable of surviving without electrical exchanges. As you can see, the electric component serves as the foundation for all matter.

Despite the fact that science focuses on the particles that supposedly make up the atom, 99.99 percent of the atom is made up of space. Nothing physical would be visible if you shrunk yourself to the size of a bit.

The earth's distance from the sun is 93 million miles.

In the scale of our solar system, the distance between the nucleus and the first electron within the atom is 47 times greater than the distance between the earth and the sun, or 4.371 billion miles. An electrical structure or an electrical matrix characterized by an electromagnetic presence exists within this empty area.

Every atom has a unique electromagnetic frequency that may be measured.

The universe is made up of limitless frequencies that mix to form matrices and the puzzle pieces that make up matter. This appears as physical and chemical structure to the naked eye. Everything you see and feel, on the other hand, is an illusion because interaction within the electrical cosmos keeps energy in form so that life can survive.

We are conscious beings living inside a matriced electrical system, with physical eyes that experience the illusion of physical and chemical reality.

Did you catch everything? After being conditioned by our environment our entire lives, it takes time to retrain our cognitive processes. Understanding this concept, as well as the nature of who and what you are, as well as the nature of everything in your environment, allows you to approach health and nutrition in the appropriate light.

Without a thorough understanding of how the electrical body functions, unanticipated side effects are bound to arise, frequently with far worse repercussions than the underlying ailment.

For some, the electrical concept is difficult to grasp because it is not covered in our regular school system. Once you have this increased clarity, you can begin to make better decisions and explore all of your options, including not suffering from disease and reclaiming your birthright to health.


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