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For Your Best Body Ever

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By Mortagy RashedPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
For Your Best Body Ever
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This month's message will focus on the waist, thighs, legs, and back end, all major issue regions. Are you sick of wearing that spare tire around your waist, men? Would you like to lose that considerable curd, cottage cheese thighs, and back end, ladies? If you answered yes, then you'll enjoy this month's newsletter!!

WARNING!! Before beginning any diet or fitness program, always consult with a physician.

I've helped hundreds of folks get in shape over the years.

Everyone begins with a thorough consultation, which allows me to assess their goals and problem areas.

Although some people deviate from the norm, most men say their issue location is their abdomen. "I want to get rid of my love handles and acquire washboard abs" is a common phrase I hear. On the other hand, most women say their issue regions are their backside, hips, and thighs.

This issue is devoted to providing you precise exercise plans to address those problem areas and eventually reach your goals: rock-hard abs, steel-like buns, and gorgeous, thin, defined legs.

Let's get this party started.

Lower Back/Abs

Both men and women are concerned about their waistlines. The following exercise routine will show you how to achieve a slim, ripped midsection with the right combination of food and cardiovascular exercise.

Abdominal crunches, leg lifts, side crunches, and lumbar extensions are the four basic exercises for waist training. Begin with two sets of each activity and gradually progress to three groups by week four. Except for lumbar extensions, all of these exercises can be done on a floor mat or a sit-up board.

If you have lower back discomfort, I highly recommend an affordable instrument found in most health clubs or purchased for around $50.00 at most sporting goods stores.

The Ab Roller, Ab Blaster, and Ab Master, to mention a few, are only a handful of the many variations. Many models include an instructional video that demonstrates the proper form and technique for each exercise. This gear helps you isolate specific parts of your waist while also reducing tension and pressure on your lower back.

You may train your waist every other day, unlike other main muscular parts. A 48-hour recovery period is sufficient. When it comes to waist training, never use heavyweights. Weightlifting with low repetitions increases the muscular mass and thickens the midsection.

High repetition with no weight is the way to go if you desire a thin, well-defined waistline.

Most health clubs will include a lumbar extension machine or a hyperextension station for the extensor muscles in your lower back if you train in a gym. If this is your first time doing this exercise, have a competent Personal Trainer instruct you how to do it properly.

Legs, Hips, and Back End

With one exception, the following program is suitable for both men and women. Each exercise should be done at least 20 times by women and 16 times by men. Begin with three sets of each activity and gradually progress to four groups by week four. The main workouts are squats, Leg Press, Dumbbell Lunges, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Calf Raises, Hip Abduction, and Hip Adduction. This exercise engages all of the muscles in your hips, back, and legs. Only train these areas twice a week, and let them rest for at least 72 hours before doing so again.

The majority of men mistakenly assume that hip abduction and adduction exercises were explicitly created for women. These two exercises are included in the leg regimens of most of the world's top bodybuilders, and for a good reason. With this exercise, there is no better way to tone and define your hips and inner and outer thighs.

If you're doing your workout at home and aren't sure how to do some of these exercises, the county library has several books that will walk you through each one step-by-step. You can attain your goals even if you don't have any weights or equipment at home. All you need is a VCR. Hundreds of body conditioning videotapes, such as "Buns Of Steel" and "8 Minute Abs," target those vulnerable regions.

Articles on how to improve your metabolism and how to feed muscle while starving fat will be featured in next month's issue.

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