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Woman Has 3 Sets of Twins in 5 years: "Someone Always Needs Something, but I Still Take Me Time"

by Amy Christie 2 months ago in family
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"Our family's story is all about an extreme shift"

Photo credit: rebeccacrosby/ Facebook

Ashton Rawley and her husband Eric welcomed three sets of twins in five years. While they did plan to have twins the first time, the other two sets happened naturally, and their family grew in a short time. The mother is still working on adjusting to daily schedules, feeding, and other chores, but the one thing she realized is that self-care helps her improve her parenting skills.

Even if she doesn't have time to take a day and go to a spa, Ashton and Eric have figured things out so each of them gets some time to relax and recharge so they can enjoy the wonderful feeling of having a big loving family.

What are the details?

The couple went from hurtful moments when they thought they wouldn't ever have kids to being parents to three sets of twins.

"Our family's story is all about an extreme shift for me and my husband, Eric. There was a time when we were struggling with unexplainable issues when we didn't know if we would ever have children at all," Ashton shared with Insider about the journey they went through while hoping they would have their own kids.

And their situation definitely changed for the better. They might not have hoped for six kids, but they're thankful for having a joyful family after their struggles.

"We're driving a Ford Transit van now because we have six car seats. We had three sets of twins in five years. First came Amelia and Eloise, then Owen and Wyatt two years ago, and in March, our youngest set, Rose and Violet, were born," the mother said.

Each pregnancy was different. They did intend to have twins for the first one, but the second time they were sure it would be only one baby.

"I was very scared when we found out that we were expecting twins again, but I figured it doesn't matter if you have three kids or four kids - every parent is figuring things out as they go along. I knew we could do that. Plus, we have a lot of extended families locally who are such a huge help. If we didn't have that support system, we would be in a lot of trouble," Ashton added.

Their family helped them get through the difficult moments and be there for all their babies.

"Having family close by who were able to take care of the older twins when the babies were in the NICU was necessary. I don't know how we would've gotten through it without our family members babysitting and bringing us meals. "

It happened again when their second set of twins, Owen and Wyatt, were toddlers. Ashton was pregnant, and it didn't take long to find out it would be twins for the third time.

"We just didn't think it was a possibility or that it would happen again," Ashton recalls.

Family life with three sets of twins is challenging

Both parents are happy with their big family, but it's a lot of work to keep everything on track and get things done on time.

"Having three sets of twins has been a lot. It's incredible, but it's a lot of work. Whether it's a bottle, a diaper change, or help cutting their food - someone always needs something, but I still take me time. It can be a bit of a sensory overload, and sometimes I need a break," Ashton said.

The mother is convinced that self-care is essential for all moms, and that doesn't just mean taking a quick shower or going to the grocery store.

"I truly believe that self-care for moms should not just be taking a shower or getting groceries - those are basic-care tasks, not some wonderful moment for mom to be alone - but as someone on her third set of twins, I'm not exactly able to book a spa day. I can take time for myself where and how I can, thanks to my husband and the support system we've got going," she explained.

Even looking after just one baby instead of six is like a breath of fresh air, and the mother values the times her husband takes on all the other kids and allows her to relax for a little bit.

"For example, last night I took my dinner and one of the babies to my bedroom and ate alone, with just one of the babies, because that's what I needed. It felt relaxing only to have one baby while my husband was taking care of the other five," Ashton said.

With every new set of twins, the mother realized that there was no way she could do everything, no matter how much she wanted to or how hard she tried.

"Having three sets of twins means someone always needs something, but it doesn't mean that I always have to be the person to do it for them. I'm sharing this so other parents of multiples realize someone else knows how hard it is and that they should buy a wagon instead of a stroller," Ashton concluded on the joys and constant challenges involved in looking after a large family.

Love and happy memories do come mixed in with struggles or difficult times, but the affection and support built in-between make it all worth it.

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Photo credit: rebeccacrosby/ Facebook

Originally published on NewsBreak


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