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Couple Hasn't Argued in 30 Years of Marriage: "We Give Each Other Tough Love and Tender Compassion"

by Amy Christie 2 months ago in marriage
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"Live today with tomorrow in mind"

Photo credit: hannahkeeley/ Instagram

Hannah and Blair Keeley have been married for three decades, and they still love each other just as they did in the beginning. The couple has managed to avoid arguments by constantly encouraging each other to become better people and amazing parents.

Their tight-knit family and the love that comes through in every gesture make the couple go on living a life that many see as an example.

What are the details?

The couple lives in Richmond, Virginia, and the 30 years they've been married have been free of any negative moments or troublesome arguments. For many people, that's a dream come true and also something that can't be reached.

"You keep love alive and well by continually feeding it. Plenty of marriages are facing hardship simply because they've been starving for nourishment," Hannah, 53, shared with The Epoch Times.

Hannah works as a life coach and trainer, and she first met Blair, 54, at Furman University.

They only started dating once they got to their senior year, and it all began after Blair found her sketchbook that she'd forgotten in the art department three years before.

Blair sent her a note saying she would only get the "mysterious treasure" back if she agreed to go out together. She said yes, and "it's been fireworks ever since!" according to Hannah.

They got married in December 1991, and they have welcomed seven kids since then. Through it all, they always made sure marriage and family life were at the center of their priorities.

"We believe that marriage and family is a covenant; it cannot be revoked or diminished. Our family remains solid because it has always been a priority for us," Hannah explained.

Even though marriage matters a lot to them, the couple doesn't feel that tying the knot is supposed to make them feel complete.

"Many people start a relationship thinking it will 'complete them.' Two halves don't make a whole marriage. You must be complete first, and only then allow marriage to magnify who you already are," Hannah said.

Hannah and Blair recognize their individual personalities, abilities, and strengths. They stay close "by being each other's cheerleaders, and not letting each other be less than the best."

And the way they love each other always makes a difference, not necessarily covering up for hard times but adding what they need to be able to go on.

"We give each other tough love and tender compassion," Hannah added.

While many people might find it hard to figure out how they managed to avoid conflicts or bitter arguments in such a lengthy relationship, the couple has definitely found a way to deter them.

Photo credit: hannahkeeley/ Instagram

Hannah and Blair prevent an argument from starting by focusing on communication, which isn't always easy. Hannah also feels that faith helped them get along so well because it is "everything to our family."

"We love God first and most. Out of that love, we can love each other even more," Hannah said.

On becoming parents, Hannah and Blair felt that their love was fulfilled by having more lives to support and cherish.

"We chose to enjoy our kids through each phase because we don't want to get to a place in life where we hold remorse or regret about any of our choices," Hannah shared about their parenting strategy.

That's why their kids know that nothing can change their parents' love for them and feel free to talk to them about anything.

"Live today with tomorrow in mind!" is the couple's motto for strengthening love and making wonderful memories with their family.

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This article was originally published on NewsBreak

Photo credit: hannahkeeley/ Instagram


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