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Will a Guy Who Likes You But Isn't Interested in a Relationship Ever Be Ready?

What should you do if the person you've fallen in love with likes you but isn't interested in becoming close? Do you continue or do you give up?

By berry liPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

Almost all of us have probably heard a guy remark that he's not ready for a relationship. Yawn. Don't you think it's time they came up with some better lines? What should you do if the person you're dating likes you but isn't interested in getting serious?

We occasionally like guys who are not interested in us or vice versa. Being that we are emotional beings, it goes without saying that love will be complicated.

If a man has told you that he likes you but isn't ready to commit, take a step back and examine the situation more closely.

Why does he like you but not want to date you?

We can see why he isn't ready to take things seriously if you have only recently started dating. But what should you consider if you've been dating for a while and he suddenly throws this small bombshell on you?

It's crucial to avoid wasting your time on someone who isn't investing in the relationship because we only have so much time on earth (I don't mean to sound depressing). Therefore, if he informs you that he isn't prepared to commit to a relationship, it is essential to ascertain the causes of this and what you should do about it.

Men are often perceived as being straightforward by women. All you need to do is feed them and show them love, and you're good to go. But don't be fooled; they are intricate. There are a few good reasons he could not be committing to you.

1.He hasn't moved on from his ex.

Gasp! Yes, that is what we said. He isn't yet over his ex. He may have told you that he is over her, but that was only natural for him to say.

He wouldn't be seeing you if he told you the truth. He won't want to put more effort into the connection if he isn't over his ex.

2. There is another person.

Two gasps! It seems like a soap opera is developing here. Although it hurts, if he isn't interested in getting serious with you, he might be thinking about someone else.

You can only get this information through his behavior and your instincts.

3. He is content with the current state of affairs Why would he invest in a relationship when he already has all he wants, except the obligation?

Yes, he likes you, but he probably isn't searching for a relationship because he's content with the friendship you two have right now. He still values his friends, career, and hobbies more than you, and he has no plans to change that.

4. He fears commitment.

Some guys find it difficult to make meaningful commitments, but for some, the issue is a little more ingrained. This guy of yours might be suffering from severe commitment anxiety. And if he does, turn around and flee.

5.Fifth, you're not the one

Ah, this one always makes me sad. However, if a man won't commit to you, then you aren't the right one for him. He wouldn't be saying things like, "I'm not ready," if he actually liked you. He would grab you and hold onto you tightly.

He's not the right person for you if he's not doing it.

These are some typical explanations for a guy's reluctance to commit to a relationship. Knowing the causes has undoubtedly left you wondering what to do. A good query.

What should you do if he likes you but isn't interested in getting close?

First things first: don't presume that this has anything to do with you personally or your character. It's all his fault. He won't want more from you, but you can decide what to do next.

When you know he likes you but isn't interested in a relationship, here's how to address it.

1. Look for an explanation.

Of course, if you've only been dating a short while, you shouldn't ask him out right away. He's not likely to be completely honest with you. But now that you are aware of the primary reasons why he might be reluctant to commit, you can work to identify the most likely scenario.

In this manner, you are able to determine your next course of action and whether he is actually worth sticking with.

2. Accept it as true

The safest course of action is to simply take his comments at face value if you still can't determine why he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you right now. He claims he can't be in a committed relationship, and he may be unable to predict when he will be.

It would be wise to continue living your life unencumbered by expectations, with or without him. Making sure you don't become overly attached and to simply enjoy your time together while it lasts is the tough part.

After all, perhaps you too require that kind of connection.

3. Express your emotions clearly.

You cannot read his thinking. He can simply be afraid or unsure of how you feel. Make sure he comprehends what's going on in your brain and lay all of your cards on the table. After that, you can draw a conclusion.

Stay a unit? Get along? Only you have the power to decide what must occur. You must make the decision as to what to do next if he likes you but is not interested in a romantic relationship.

4. Don't think he'll change your mind.

It's okay that he most likely won't alter. However, it's now your turn to consider the connection. If you really want this, ask yourself if you can have it.

Do you want to be his casual partner? Does it bring you joy? If so, you must recognize the connection for what it is and move on. You should go if you don't like it.

5. If you stay, get ready for heartbreak.

Although this ambiguous relationship makes you happy (aside from the fact that you like him a LOT, believe you are falling for him, and you can alter his mind later), it has a lot of drawbacks. Dealing with a man who can't be honest or open with you about his feelings is never easy.

You should be prepared to have your heart broken and have your self-esteem destroyed sooner or later if he refuses to put conditions on becoming your girlfriend and you're good with it right now.

You'll feel frustrated if the man you're with likes you but isn't interested in a committed relationship. Your self-esteem will be destroyed and you'll expose yourself to additional pain if you chase after him after he made it plain he doesn't feel the same way. Go on if you are confident that you possess an unbreakable heart of steel.

6. Focus on something or someone else.

Someone else might be crazy about you while you are crazy about this person. Perhaps you've met him or don't yet. The truth is that there is undoubtedly someone out there who is an incredible, gorgeous, considerate, witty, and caring guy that perfectly matches your personality.

Who knows—that someone might not only be "the one," but even more importantly, "your one."

Go out and consider your possibilities rather than devoting all of your time, attention, and feelings to a person who cannot even articulate his feelings and leaves you hanging. Have fun, get out there, and keep an open mind for when something genuine shows up.

7. Establish limits

You must establish limits if you choose to stay with him. What are you willing to accept and what are you not?

He sleeping over is probably not a good idea because he isn't willing to take it seriously. You must take precautions to protect your safety and prevent harm to yourself.

8. Get him to believe in you

You can do that, after all, although we don't recommend it. Never force someone into a situation they don't want to be in. He must genuinely want to invest in you if you want to persuade him to do so.

Of course, you can persuade him to take actions for you that will win his trust. like assisting you with furniture assembly or changing the tire on your car. He will unconsciously be impacted by the relationship since he is working on it.

9. Invest less time with him.

We typically strive to spend more time with someone when we like them. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, so you need to do the reverse if you want him to become more attached to you. However, as I said before, you cannot make him desire more, so while you may certainly do it, you definitely shouldn't.

You don't have to leave, but you should try to spend less time with him. He'll get a chance to miss you as a result.

10. Express gratitude and depart.

He might prefer something informal, but you might end up wanting something more. So, after thanking him for being upfront with you and leaving after he says he likes you but doesn't want to be in a relationship.

It won't work out—at least not right now—if you believe you desire different things from the relationship.

Take some time to love yourself rather than rushing off to someone to restore your shattered heart and ego or loving someone who doesn't love you back.

You can have faith that he will decide that you are the one for him and pursue you. Enjoy being unattached and carefree in the interim.

It's time to leave if you desire more from him than he can provide for you.

In all honesty, this is the best and easiest course of action. You can scheme and plan all you want, but doing so will only waste your time. Eventually, you'll realize he's not the one for you, and all of your effort will have been in vain.

Therefore, quit while you're ahead and locate a partner deserving of your affection.

Do not settle for a man who is unable to return your love and care. He won't change unless he wants to if he likes you but isn't ready for a relationship. Avoid wasting time.


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