Why We Need Entertainment and Memes in Our Life

Entertainment and Memes

Why We Need Entertainment and Memes in Our Life

What is a meme?

The format of a meme can be a phrase, an image, a video or a more abstract concept . In general, their theme is humorous, bordering on the absurd, although sometimes they also become small philosophical pills. Therefore, we should never think that a meme is just a joke .

What characterizes memes is that they become an international phenomenon spreading the same images or jokes in all parts of the world.

Do not expect to find great works of art, Paint is the most common in this practice as well as the simplest montages with Photoshop, aesthetics do not prevail in the world of memes, but what they try to convey .

Why We Need Entertainment and Memes

So I Just watched the last Few Episodes of Vikings on Netflix and I was looking for some other types of movie to watch, but even though I’m happy to watch these shows I feel I need some other type of entertainment in my life. Now I could do other stuff that’s fun like rock climbing or jumping out of a plane, but that’s really not for me lolwhy. Plus I love my life way too much to just go jump out of a plane, after all man wasn’t made with wings.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why not just watch a funny cat video on YouTube or go read a funny memes jokes on lol why yes I could do that I do like doing those stuff, after all nothing is more funny and entertaining than a dirty meme. But then what after that. The crazy things is with everything that’s happening in the world right now it’s best to not do anything crazy are too fun, plus with all this social distancing it’s like we are starting all over. But thinking about it there is one thing I would like to try, fishing, I mean, that could be fun, right well maybe after all this I will try it lol. Entertainment comes in many forms From Cat videos to funny memes jokes, but the truth is we all just want to have a laugh and feel good about ourselves. But the thing is everyone as a different view on what is funny or entertaining, so we can’t look at one thing and think it will please everyone. I know for me, a good meme can make me laugh all day and I would rather read a funny memes jokes and watch a funny cat video to entertain myself, than to read a book are going out partying. But entertainment comes in many forms and it also comes with a lot of crazy stuff.

Memes are one of the characteristic contents of communication in digital social networks. Despite this, compared to other issues related to online platforms(online), his academic study is still far from being consolidated. Therefore, the objective of this article is to contribute to the understanding of this type of content and its implications for political communication. To achieve this, an investigation was carried out on its reception, uses and meanings in the context of the 2018 presidential elections in Mexico. Given the exploratory nature of this work, a qualitative methodology based on focus groups was used. The main results suggest that memes show pro-democratic and anti-democratic effects. The former are associated with stimulating the consumption of serious information, activating conversations on political issues or propping up criticism of power; while the latter deepen feelings of political ineffectiveness, cynicism.


Memes, being part of human culture, also live the process of natural selection, proposed by Darwin . No, we are not kidding, a meme can be extinguished in hours if it is not popularized by anyone and dies; Other memes can become an immediate hit and stick for months, or years, but most die into oblivion, leaving only a trace of humor in the past.

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