Why She Left You

by Tiffany Cochrane 9 months ago in advice

For Men Who Lost Her

Why She Left You

Gentlemen, have you ever wondered why she left you? Have you ever taken into consideration all the hard work she put into the relationship you shared? Do you wonder where she is or who she is with now? Maybe if you are the man reading this, you are probably lost with words to why she left you. Well, hopefully, these reasonings from a woman's perspective will clear the confusion.

1) She loved you, but you never noticed.

She made you her priority, remember that. Did it ever occur to you that she was the one who never complained about your negative talking, all the wants you wanted other than her, or how you were not truly happy? Did you even care about how she was feeling when you acted ungratefully? You never noticed or appreciated all the time, love, and care she gave to you. You thought you knew her, but you never did. All she wanted to give to you was her heart that was full of love, but instead, you broke her. You broke her, but she continued to still love you. You made her feel worthless, but she tried to make you feel worth it. She always paid attention to your fears and happiness, but you never listened to her. Not even once.

2) You never noticed the pain in her eyes.

From the beginning to the end, she always held your heart in the palm of her hands. She gave you the brightest smile because she was very thankful for you. You fooled her with all your lies and manipulative words. Still, she was oblivious to the man you really were. She was gentle with you and never doubted you, but you doubted her. You made her feel that every decision or choice she made was a mistake. Why did you do that? She treated you with gold and believed in the man you never gave her. You never acknowledged that all the things she did were for the both of you. Instead, you pushed her to her lowest. She questioned who she was and tried to change. Change the way she looked and how she thought she was supposed to feel. She did all of this for you, and that was not good enough for you. She was never the one to blame.

3) She cried from within.

Not only did she cry when she was alone, but she cried from within while with you. That's a shame to hear. You mentally abused the one you were supposed to love. She always took care of you, never asking for anything in return. When you yelled at her with anger, she took it. She forgave you for everything. Even when she was tired and overworked, you never thanked her for anything she did for you. When you were feeling upset, she comforted you. She didn't expect much from you but when she did ask for something, you were annoyed. You never gave her that attention she longed for just as you did. You never made her feel on top of the world.

4) She didn't want to hurt you.

No matter how many times you crushed her soul and threw her feelings around, she still loved you. She still forgave you for all the times you were cruel. For all the times you treated her as if she was nothing. She still cared for you as if you did nothing wrong. After all the fights you started, she choose to still be there for you when she was hurting. She only wanted to help you. Help you be the man she knew you could be. She always believed in you when you gave up. You gave up easily on someone who never gave up on you. Until one day, when she realized she was more than enough. She realized that she deserved someone to love her the way she loved you. She realized she didn't need to change, it was you that needed to change. She was not the one with the issues and difficulties of loving someone. She realized you were not the one.

5) Then, she moved on.

She finally gave up on you and you lost her. She set herself free of hateful words and criticism. You took her for granted and didn't realize how lucky you were. No matter how selfish you were to her, she still loved you. She wanted to be your priority, just as she made you hers. She wanted to receive the love that she freely gave to you. You never appreciated all the time and effort she gave you daily. It didn't matter what the day was like, she treated you the same. She listened to you, before anyone else. She was always there for you through hard times. You just couldn't do the same for her. You lost a good woman. One that tried and tried to understand you. In the end, she gave up on you. She stopped trying and caring. She questioned her love for you. She left you, and she's gone for good.

Now what is left are the memories you shared with her. While you are sitting around wondering where she is, she is making new memories with someone who truly deserves her.

Unfortunately, this is what will haunt you and live with you as you try to find her in another person.

Take my advice, treat the ones who love you the most like you are going to lose them tomorrow.

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