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Whether a person is kind, look at these four points to know

by heisnxc 4 months ago in humanity
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Lao-tzu said: Still waters run deep. . Shallow pool, what wind and grass, will be fanfare; Deep water, has always been placid, the sea all rivers. Kindness is like deep water, flowing slowly, passing from hand to hand, not attracting attention. A good man will have good fortune. Whether a person is kind, the key depends on these four points!

01, kind hearted people, not small cheap

The ancients said: small cheap big loss.

Taking advantage of people is actually the most loss-making business in the world.

My friend is a warm-hearted teacher.

On one occasion, he co-taught an open class with others. Before the lecture, he had to make courseware.

It's supposed to be a two-person thing. However, her colleague had nothing to do with it, and let my friend finish it by herself, and said that she was only auxiliary, and then left the opportunity to speak to my friend.

The friend was very grateful, thinking that since it was her own presentation, it was not impossible to finish the courseware independently, and kindly added the name of her colleague when submitting the courseware.

But on the day of the open class, her colleague said she wanted to attend, repeatedly begging my friend.

My friend said that she would definitely take the place in this class, and then she would be a good teacher. But still can't help but soft-pedal, the opportunity to hand over.

As a result, her colleague stumbled over and over.

The friend said nothing, but the leader eventually found out.

Some people, thinking of taking advantage, but completely destroyed their image, and even the loss of character.

Which is heavy, high and low stand now!

The picture

02, a kind person, think of others

Life, there is no perfect, there will always be twists and turns, there will always be frustrations, there will always be difficult to hide.

Kindhearted people, moistening things silently, people do not become a form, but on the good like water, empathy.

I have seen such a story.

An old man walked gingerly into a hotel, which had just finished a banquet. He took out his bag, filled it with leftovers, and carefully stepped out again.

Because of the violation, the waiter tried to stop several times, the boss stopped the waiter.

"Didn't you see that he kept his head down the whole time? If life didn't have to, he wouldn't have."

What is kindness?

Kindness is a kind of cultivation, imperceptible to bring warmth to people.

It doesn't seem to do anything, but it does everything.

03, kind people, have an inclusive heart

As soon as people mention kindness, some people immediately think of wooden, don't like to talk, always suffer losses, poor expression.

In fact, on the contrary, he is a great wisdom, there is a universe in the heart. In life, the most important thing is to think of others.

Kindness is a quality, a state of mind. Not because of a small thing, affect the relationship between two people, not because of a little interest, do lose character.

A kind heart is the true heart of love. For the weak, care for the young, understanding of the difficulties of others, tolerance of others' mistakes.

To err is human?

The ancients said: great wisdom, if foolish, if clumsy.

A gentleman holds things by virtue. Kindness is the most valuable quality, is the most rare spirit!

A kind person is most convincing and admirable.

You are kind, friends will be close to you, you are kind, love will understand you, you are kind, family will love you.

The picture

04, a kind man, all gratitude

"Throw me wood peach, return to Qiongyao." This is how you should be!

Help is a favor, not a duty.

To be kind, to be grateful, know how to be grateful, in order to accumulate popularity, when in need, others will be generous to your helping hand.

Whether it is a drop of grace, or lift a finger, others help us, we must bear in mind.

In life, you can not be excellent, you can not shine, but must not have a conscience. Lose the character of people, even if the career is successful, capital is strong, will not be disliked.

Gratitude, is a person's kindness, is the most expensive character!

People in this life, what kind of result of what, how you treat others, others will treat you.

Try to be good at yourself, be kind to others, know how to be grateful, in order to get the real blessing!


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