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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui belongs to the existence form of matter

By zhangzehuaPublished about a year ago 4 min read

What is Feng Shui? Why does Feng Shui exist? Before the publication of Feng Shui on the internal environment of human body, the academic community has not yet given an objective and scientific footnote to these problems, leaving people more mysterious. For example, Baidu Encyclopedia said, "Feng Shui is a mysterious art with a long history of the Chinese nation, also known as green black art and green bag art. The more academic term is called geomancy"; "What is Feng Shui? Countless people have defined Feng Shui since ancient times, but Guo Pu of the Jin Dynasty, who was the first to define Feng Shui in history, said in his famous work" funeral book ":" those who are buried, take advantage of anger, take advantage of Qi, take advantage of the wind, disperse, boundary the water, stop, the ancients gather together, do not disperse, and stop, so it is called Feng Shui. The method of Feng Shui is to get water first, followed by hiding wind. " These expressions do not mean what Feng Shui is, but more about how to identify Feng Shui. Because the basic concept is vague, it leaves room for Feng Shui to develop towards superstition. Therefore, geomantic omen has appeared in the posture of "superstition" since history, which seriously restricts the normal exchange and development of geomantic omen. With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of understanding, especially after teacher Liu Yuzhen and Zhang Rui decoded the eight character code and focused on Feng Shui research, the veil of Feng Shui mystery was also lifted layer by layer.
There is such an incisive discussion in Feng Shui of the internal environment of the human body, which can be said to be the most accurate interpretation of unveiling the mystery of Feng Shui: Taking the earth as the identity, the whole universe is divided into heaven and earth. The energy formed by heaven and earth in its operation is the universal environment Feng Shui. Everything on the earth, including human beings, has a stable connection with its unnecessary conditions. For human beings, this is the correspondence between heaven and man to achieve the unity of heaven and man.
What is Feng Shui? According to the relevant discussion of "human body internal environment Feng Shui", Feng Shui refers to the energy in the connection of things. From the perspective of academic application, Feng Shui refers to all kinds of energy that are connected with the environment Feng Shui in the human body and affect the fate of life. For example, the energy of the cosmic environment that affects destiny is the geomantic omen of the cosmic environment, and the energy of the yin-yang house that affects destiny is the geomantic omen of the yin-yang house. Because energy belongs to the form of material existence, Feng Shui belongs to the form of material existence, which is not only logical, but also has been proved by practice to have objective reality that is not transferred with people's consciousness. For example, if a person who is suitable for sitting south to North has the same living location, it will be very smooth, otherwise there will be one kind of problem or another. The role of Feng Shui is evident. Then, why does the Dragon sand cave of Feng Shui affect people's fate? This involves the mechanism and principle of the formation of Feng Shui, so you can refer to the original work of teacher Zhang Rui to know the yin-yang house Feng Shui in people's consciousness. Here is only a brief introduction to the problems related to this topic.
The universe we face is actually an interconnected whole.
"Yin Yang system theory" divides the connection into stable connection and unstable connection. The so-called stable connection refers to the connection between the whole and the individual (or part) without conditions; For example, any individual in the universe has a stable connection with the universe without conditions; For example, any organ or system of the human body has a stable connection with the whole human body without conditions; For example, there is also a stable connection between everyone's rhythm field and the whole family rhythm network field. The so-called unstable connection refers to the connection that can occur only under certain conditions, such as the connection between individuals. Since everything is not static, that is, substances in motion have energy, so Feng Shui naturally exists. So what is the mechanism and principle of the formation of Yin-Yang house Feng Shui? This is the key to form a scientific understanding of Feng Shui and get rid of the mysterious understanding of Feng Shui. For this purpose. It is specially discussed in "human body internal environment Feng Shui. The mechanism and principle of the formation of Yin-Yang house Feng Shui". You can refer to it. The motive force of Feng Shui study of human internal environment was preempted by famous feng shui masters at home and abroad before it was published! After reaching the readers, they can't


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