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We would never be able to make robots with feelings or maybe we shouldn't.

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By Arthur XandersPublished about a year ago 3 min read
We would never be able to make robots with feelings or maybe we shouldn't.
Photo by Jad Limcaco on Unsplash

I think we would never be able to make robots with feelings

so we now made machines to ease our workload

Emotion itself is a complicated topic, we cannot control it.

And several companies make these robots or machines and are still looking to make full fledge human robots so that all the work that we need to do , can be done by them.

So that we all can finally achieve a vision where we could rest without thinking of all the work that needs to happen around the world, and we could have all that we wanted.

Like if we want a cool house, it's not gonna built itself, we need to build it ourselves and we could not just go somewhere and take it by force.

Maybe we could, with the ones that are now already build but that were also built by us in past.

But as technology is progressing, robots could do all the work with ease. So robotic slaves are needed.

Now if we achieve that we can rest and let them do all the work that we want and know is needed, we would not go out that much trust me, because after a point lazing around in the home would be most comfortable.

So new friends are needed.

Hence we would want a robot that could talk and interact with us like our own.

So for that feelings are needed.

But now imagine if that robot would be another human,

doing all the work you told them to do,

but you do nothing they ask for.

Because they shouldn't suppose to ask, Right?

A robot should not ask back why you are asking him to make a beautiful vase for your decoration or food for survival.

so why now?

We would not need robots only to clean our houses and make our life easier.

We would also need them to make weapons and nuclear reactors and research further for advancement.

But with feelings to make them like us. We would also need to have them emotions like sadness, doubt, self-ego, and other feelings like that.

We would want them to refuse, to have them like a friend, but don't want them to question every little thing. Whether it is good or bad, legal or it's a crime.

A robot with an Ai engine that would have an understanding of emotions, could like us or hate us, or they could even fall in love with us.

Having an AI so advanced, we would expect them to give us a perfect solution, after taking into consideration of every possible situations.

But if they like us they could give us an answer that we want to hear, so that they don't hurt our own feeling.

Or it could give the worst possible advice if they hate us.

We among selves are the most gentle and evilest of all.

So suppose now that we can make a robot with feelings, we could give them emotion but we could not choose which emotion to give or which to not.

But isn't it like making one of our own?

We would want to make them but we will also want them to do whatever we want them to do.

I mean Everything.

It would be like holding some child and forcing them to do what we want, molding their future.

but wouldn't they also be refusing?

It is a common trait among children.

So we would want to continue making machines like cars, fridges, and laptops.

But we would also want to make robots with feeling, even after knowing the risk.

How can we not? after making them once?

How could we leave a feeling of creating something like that, feeling like gods?

So ultimately we will need to make certain rules and decisions and even laws for robots.

But isn't absurd? and something completely bizarre?

Even though Emotional Robots would disagree.


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